Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life is beautiful


But what can the Pope be thinking of?

On his return to Rome on a beautiful sunny afternoon, the Pope reportedly told a journalist: "It is beautiful today!"

These remarks immediately raised an immense wave of anger around the world and fuelled a controversy that continues to grow.

Some reactions:
The Mayor of Bordeaux: "Even as the Pope spoke these words, it was raining cats and dogs on Bordeaux! This claim, which is close to being in a state of denial (Cathcon- the French word négationnisme is used for holocaust denial) shows that the Pope lives in a state of total autism. It has definitely finished forever, even if it was still necessary, the dogma of papal infallibility! The holder of the Chair of Astronomy at the Collège de France: "In affirming without nuance and without objective evidence that it is beautiful today," the Pope reflects the well-known contempt of the Church for science which is constantly fighting against her dogmas. What could be more subjective and more relative than this notion of beautiful? On what indisputable experiments is it based? Meteorologists and specialists failed to agree on this matter at the last International Conference in Caracas. And Benedict XVI, ex cathedra, decides the matter. What arrogance! Will they soon be lighting the pyres for all those who do not accept without reservation this new decree?

The Association of Victims of Global Warming: "How can we not see in this provocative statement an insult to all victims past, present and future of the vagaries of climate, floods, tsunamis, drought? Ths acquiescence to the contemporary situation clearly shows the complicity of the Church with these phenomena which are destructive of humanity and it can only encourage those involved in global warming that they can now hide behind the backing from the Vatican.

The Representative Council of Black Associations: "The Pope seems to forget that while it's sunny in Rome, a part of the planet is plunged into darkness. This is a sign of disrespect towards the civil rights movement

The Council of True Muslim Believers: How can the Pope describe life describe any day as beautiful while Israel continues to occupy Palestine?

The Luvvis Feminist Association-: "Why it he not her that is beautiful (Cathcon- in French Il fait beau)? The Pope is once again attacking the legitimate cause of women and shows his commitment to the most reactionary principles. In 2009, “he” is still there, it's pathetic! "

The League of Human Rights: "This type of statement can only hurt deeply all those who have a different view of reality from that of the Pope. We think in particular of those hospitalised, imprisoned whose horizon is limited to four walls and also to all victims of rare diseases that can not perceive by their senses the state of the atmosphere. This is certainly a desire to discriminate between the beautiful, as it should be perceived by all and those who feel things differently. We will immediately attack the Pope in the courts."

In Rome, some members of the Curia have tried to mitigate the words of the pope, citing his advanced age and the fact that he could be misunderstood, but they have not met with success so far.

Please pray for the donor of this piece translated from the French with one para added from Cathcon.

Some more from Cathcon.

And the German bishops concluded although there is nothing in Vatican II that states the sun shines on the Pope, it is the New Springtime, so the sun must be shining.

The Jesuits remembering that St Ignatius had told them that they ought always to hold that the white which is seen, is black, if the church decides, asked the Pope had the sun in actual fact gone behind the clouds.

The Dominican was still thinking about whether the sun was out when a big cloud appeared on the horizon.

The Francisan welcomed his brother, the sun who remains his brother whatever the weather.


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