Monday, February 07, 2005

St Isidore's Church, Los Angeles

Locked Out of beloved Church, Faithful keep spirit alive

And not the only Church to suffer from this:

"St. Isidore kept offering weekly Masses conducted in Spanish by a St. Hedwig priest but over the years, its devotees say, the old church's treasures began disappearing. Its familiar bell, which according to Rusinek could be heard for miles on a quiet Sunday morning, was given to a visiting priest from New Guinea. 'The last we heard,' Rusinek said, 'it was at a church in Ireland.'

Nobody knows what, exactly, happened to the magnificent white marble altar, imported from Belgium. And all of the original wooden pews, Rusinek said, have been replaced by oddly sized hand-me-downs. But the beautiful stained glass windows remain"

Archdiocese of St. Louis

St. Louis city officials rally against possible parish closings

I posted earlier some photos on the Flower Festival held in the Belgian National Basilica of the Sacred Heart. However, I missed this photo out which demonstrates the enormous respect of the Basilica's authorities for altars where Christ is truly made present in the Mass (note my sarcasm). This is the High Altar of the Basilica during the flower festival. As an aside it is regretable that the modern practice is to place flowers on altars during Mass. The old teaching was that Christ's presence could not be shared on the altar with anything that was perishable.

Archdiocese of Boston

starts Lent in mean spirited style for which it has now become famous.