Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cardinal desperate for money

Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudule for hire.

A much-maligned Mass

"Well, if they disliked the Apostolic Exhortation, they’ll hate the motu proprio. I can’t wait.":

Give us back the Tabernacle!

Art gallery in Brussels uses tabernacle as decoration

On your bike!


Or how a modern bishop sees the Rosary. A fahrad is a bicyle.

Within the booklet on the Rosary he calls it an "oldtimers prayer".

Some more pictures from the booklet. The only religious reference is a small chapel on a hill.

69000 Lost Shepherds

The number of priests who have married since the Second Vatican Council.

11200 found their way back after separation or death. Just over a thousand priests a year are leaving to marry. About 200 will come back sooner or later.

The headline figure is dreadful but the number who come back is surprisingly high.

Ex-priests also more often than not marry ex-nuns. It should be drummed into nuns how wicked it would be to marry a runaway priest.

Like St John Nepomuk, consider your vocation. He decided to be ordained to substitute for a runaway priest.

Cardinal Danneels Dreamland

Belgian bishops now want lay people to be paid by the State.

He who pays the piper pays the tune - but why on earth should the overtaxed, overspent, quasi-bankrupt Belgian economy have to pick up this tab.

All that makes Flanders great

has she given us.

Or as I said in an interview on Flemish TV, if Flanders is no longer Catholic, what will become of Flanders?

Once Catholic Flanders.
"No country sends out a larger proportion of secular and regular missionaries, some of whom (like Father P.J. De Smet, the apostle of the American Indians) have attained a world-wide celebrity. Flanders may, indeed, be considered the bulwark of Catholicism in Belgium. The Socialists are well aware of this fact, but the Catholics realize it just as clearly, and their defence is equal to the enemy's attack. Every Flemish community has its parochial schools; the Catholic press is equal to its task; and the "Volk" of Ghent has been organized to counteract the evil influence of the Socialist "Voruit". "

Weeping Virgin Mary Statue Taken Off Market

That will teach them to sell Church property!

Whatever the reality here, Our Lady is weeping for the daily desecrations.