Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marriage of two homosexual priests


The shocking advertising campaign of a former tennis star.

Cathcon translation of Modelabel schockt mit Hochzeit schwuler Priester- Fashion label shocks with the marriage of homosexual priests.

Cathcon- caution- this links to a report including the video.

Fashion label shocks with the marriage of two gay priests
Björn Borg presents a highly controversial taboo video for his new Internet dating site. See it here

Björn Borg: Many still remember the resonant name of the smart Swedish tennis player, up until today considered one of the best players in tennis history. Björn Borg’s name for several years has been the godfather of the successful eponymous clothing and perfume brand.

In search of love
Borg, known as a marketing strategist, now wishes to pull off a new coup. Besides clothes and accessories, the label now also offers a free speed dating service on the Internet. Help in the search for true love, Björn Borg Love – and as the press release says, promises that everyone can find love. The web page can be found under the slogan "Love For All" (

Wedding of two priests
The message is implicit in the accompanying video campaign: Two male priest married by a priest in a church . A highly controversial video was created under the direction of Oscar Bard which has shocked religious and conservative circles alike. But the brand seems not to be disturbed - on the contrary. " This video is about love in its purest form. We at Björn Borg are proud and happy to have created a platform which permits all interpretations and expressions of love, "said Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, PR manager of the brand.

Cathcon note: the "priests" were deliberately not dressed as protestant clergy but as Catholics, although the female officient could be taken as a member of any number of Protestant denominations. The church shown was deliberately chosen, so that it could be either Protestant or Catholic.

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