Friday, May 27, 2011

Pope orders Cistercians out of Santa Croce

Pope orders closure of Monastery after lap-dancing nun performance | Irish News | IrishCentral:

"The Pope has ordered the closure of a 500-year-old Roman monastery, displacing it’s monks after they hosted a performance by a lap-dancer-turned-nun and the famed musician Madonna.

Benedict XVI ordered the closure of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem which is home to prized Roman Catholic Church relics due to “financial and liturgical irregularities', a Vatican spokesman told The Daily Telegraph.

As a result its 20 Cistercian monks are being transferred to monasteries around Italy, after it was revealed their “lifestyles” were “not in keeping” with Church doctrine.

The closure of the monastery marks the end of a religious presence on the site, which dates back five centuries. The historic religious site dates back to 320 AD, when it was founded by the Emperor Constantine, St Helena, who is said to have brought back the relics from the Holy Land.

The monks involved reportedly demonstrated a 'questionable behaviour and a lack of moral discipline'."

Whole article on link above. Now time to rid the Papal audiences of questionable performers as well.

Which order will be given custody of the Relics of the Holy Cross?

Here is the Nun dancing at a Mass