Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tale of Two Cardinals


Carnival Cardinal Lehmann made an unwelcome return to Carnival tonight to hand over his previous 2005 "honour" to Friedrich Merz, a German politician.
Here he is making a speech dressed as a medieval knight's servant. Mr Merz arrived on stage dressed as a white knight. The devil (left) kept his distance this year.

The act that followed the Cardinal on the stage, to the sound of "We will rock you" and "Mud in your face".

The cardinal's audience was the creme of political life in Germany. NEW PICTURES HERE.

In contrast, the Belgian Cardinal Danneels addressed a prayer service seeking vocations to the priesthood. Strange; he closed a traditionally orientated seminary in Brussels. It was growing and clearly providing too much competion.

This was the Belgian Cardinal's audience. It is in preparation for this conference on evangelisation in November. Unbelievable! They don't want to resanctify but to "rehumanise" Brussels.

Cardinal Danneels who went to the last Papal election expecting to be Pope; or that is the impression he gave when interviewed in the English language newspaper in Brussels, "The Bulletin".

Church of the Holy Trinity, Brussels. A better view of the strange winged carving behind the altar.

Museum or Church.


Confessionals become display cabinets in Church of St Catherine, Brussels.

St Roche pray for us!

Second confessional


Heaters in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The consquence of not reserving the Blessed Sacrament in a place of honour. The congregation keeps themselves warm while sitting sideways on to the Tabernacle.

New altar beamed down into the centre of the Church completely alien to the rest of the Church.

Close-up. A neo-pagan beaker and leavened bread on permanent display, meaning to represent the Eucharist. Behind the Baptismal font, which normally is at the door to a Church.

Romanian Orthodox borrow a side aisle.

The outside of the Church.

4th International Pro-Life and Pro-Family Conference

24.03.06 to the 26.03.06

The line up of speakers is very promising and includes Professor Maciej Giertych who will be giving a talk on the dangers of the EU Constitution. There will also be an offering from John Waters (the Irish Times journalist) and Inese Slesere (who has overseen the introduction of pro-family policies in Latvia). The venue will be Belvedere College and it seems that there will be a strong social emphasis.

For further information contact the organisers on 00353 18730465