Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Hildesheim Massacre

Cathcon translation of 80 katholische Kirchen im Bistum Hildesheim werden geschlossen

The Catholic Diocese of Hildesheim will from next year due to the ever-falling church tax revenue close 80 churches. As an administrative template published on Friday shows, the Diocese will no longer provide financial support for another 86 churches. In the case of 56 buildings, there needs further clarification, it noted. The Diocese currently has 438 churches.

197 Catholic churches will be under any circumstances be kept, and also provided with funds for renovations. This especially applies to parish churches of merged parishes or pilgrimage churches.

The deaneries of the diocese will be consulted on the template until 1st October. After that, the final decision on closures will be made. The diocese had already announced in 2003, that it would further reduce its inventory of real estate for financial reasons. In the past few years, 13 churches have been closed and partially demolished.

Surely not the same Diocese as the Diocese of "Block Latin Mass at any cost" Hildesheim Yes, it is.

Feast of St Canute


Martyr and King of Denmark, date of birth uncertain; d. 10 July 1086, the third of the thirteen natural sons of Sweyn II surnamed Estridsen. Elected king on the death of his brother Harold about 1080, he waged war on his barbarous enemies and brought Courland and Livonia to the faith. Having married Eltha, daughter of Robert, Count of Flanders, he had a son Charles, surnamed the good. He was a strong ruler, as is proved by his stern dealing with the pirate Eigill of Bornholm. The happiness of his people and the interests of the Church were the objects he had most at heart. To the cathedral of Roskilde, still the royal burying-place, he gave his own diadem. His austerity was equalled by his assiduity in prayer. An expedition to England, in favour of the Saxons against William the Conqueror, planned by him in 1085, failed through the treachery of his brother Olaf. His people having revolted on account of the cruelties of certain tax-collectors, Canute retired to the island of Funen. There, in the church of St. Alban, after due preparation for death, the king, his brother Benedict, and seventeen others were surrounded and slain, 10 July, 1086. His feast is 19 January, translation, 10 July; his emblems, a lance or arrows, in memory of the manner of his death.

Churches distance themselves from the FPÖ statements on Islam

The Christian churches have decided to dissociate themselves from the statements about Islam of the top FPÖ candidate for the municipal council elections in Graz. "These statements are a low point in the election campaign and can only be regarded as deliberate attempt to provoke hatred," said Paul Schulmeister.

In the Christian churches in Austria on Monday 14 January 2008, there was great concern over the statements made by the FP candidate in the municipal elections in Graz, Susanne Winter, about Islam. Winter had called the Prophet Mohammed a "child molester" and warned against the "Islamic immigration tsunami”.

“I am appalled”
The member of the Austrian Bishops Conference responsible for dialogue with world religions the Vienna Bishop Helmut Krätzl said in an interview with ORF radio that he was appalled that "a high-level politician had been so disrespectful towards other beliefs." He feared that the increasing interaction between people of different ideologies or religions in Austria will be significantly disrupted. "I hope that because of this scandal the conversation between Christians and Muslims in Austria, which in recent years has made encouraging progress, will not be damaged," said Bishop Krätzl.

"This is deliberate hatred"

The President of the Austrian Association of Catholic Academics, Paul Schulmeister, sharply condemned the utterances of the islamophobic Graz FPO politician Susanne Winter. "With her verbal excesses, Winter has to be held responsible for the utter low point in the Graz town council election. Her remarks can only be evaluated as deliberate hatred," said Schulmeister to "Kathpress". "All those responsible in Graz public life must quickly and unequivocally condemn such quasi-appeals calls to religious warfare," said Schulmeister, who is also a co-founder of the Platform for Christians and Muslims.

"Mockery directed at one, attacks all"

The Deans of the two theological faculties of the University of Vienna, Martin Jäggle of the Catholic and James Alfred Loader from the Protestant, are deeply concerned that attacks against Islam, such as Susanne Winter has made in Graz, will find in Austria a major political stage. "The selective mockery of one religion attacks all religions. Legal recognition of Islam in Austria is a European example that this type of degradation, as used in the Susanne Winter’s appearance in Unterpremstätten during the electoral battle, is contrary to European standards", reminded Jäggle and Loader.

Responsible for theological research and teaching in both their faculties, the two deans regard the examination of Islam to be extremely important, but they stress " the need for religious freedom and religious peace due to the painful experience of religious clashes in Christianity." That mutual respect is essential. "We would welcome it if there was established in Austria a culture in which such statements at all levels are unacceptable," concluded Jäggle and Loader.
The Head of the Catholic Youth has also condemned the statement.
"There is a long-term and successful collaboration between the Austrian Catholic Youth, the Austrian Muslim Youth and the Austrian Protestant Youth."
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