Friday, September 23, 2005

Father Charly is my name

and I am presiding at a Mass celebrated during a Landrover rally in Switzerland, halfway up a mountain. I also celebrated Mass for a Harly Davidson rally which featured a strip show in the evening. Posted by Picasa

The New Art for the New Reality!

In the modern world, attacks on Catholicism are given a free ride. This man is now participating in an exhibition in Catholic Regensberg, Germany. Weimar Germany returns!
One of his alleged "works of art" Posted by Picasa

The glory of Catholic England.

Pray for the return of Our Lady's Dowry to the Catholic Faith. And protestants have the cheek to say that Catholicism is a foreign religion, when they preferred to put a foreign protestant on the throne rather than an English Catholic and when protestantism was mainly invented in Germany and Switzerland!