Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wayside chapel battles modernity in Belgium

The chapel will remain long after the hideous building behind has disappeared.

The New Springtime

- a great work of satire - the last forty years have been anything but spring. "The world has grown old" - Pope St Gregory the Great - or more specifically the radical children of 1968, who have no inheritance to pass to future generations.


from the East

"Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga M.I.C., from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, who was persecuted for his faith during the years of soviet communism, recalled the days when the Eucharist was forced to be celebrated in secret by the faithful. He called to mind its sacredness and discussed ways to highlight this fact.
He said that, 'Among the liturgical innovations produced in the Western world, two in particular tend to cloud the visible aspect of the Eucharist, especially as regards its centrality and sacredness: the removal of the tabernacle from the center and the distribution of communion in the hand.'
'Communion in the hand', he said, 'is spreading and even prevailing as being easier, as a kind of fashion. ... Therefore, I humbly propose the following practical propositions: that the Holy See issue a universal regulation establishing the official way of receiving communion as being in the mouth and kneeling; with communion in the hand to be reserved for the clergy alone.'
He likewise asked that 'bishops in places where communion in the hand has been introduced work with pastoral prudence to bring the faithful slowly back to the official rite of communion, valid for all local Churches."

Has the Australian Archbishop not heard of spiritual Communion- and an unfortunate outcome of misinterpetations of Pope St Pius X's teaching sanctification through frequent Communion (which is substituted in modern times by the idea that the act of Communion is essential to participation).

Forty years of modernisation and reform

have brought the Catholic Church to this. Taken in a Belgian junk yard

The sadness of the angels

Sacred Heart, once an object of great devotion.

Altar candlesticks converted into home lighting - now in the junk yard

A Eudist Father in France

Priests in complacent postures and the use of plastic tables do not add up to enormous respect for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. What a terrible way to form the Faith of the youths entrusted to their spiritual care. Posted by Picasa

Beach Mass

Church buildings are clearly redundant in Hawaii. Mass becomes an excuse for dancing on the beach; looks as if they have even bought the tabernacle with them. Posted by Picasa