Saturday, October 01, 2005

Old sanctuary lamp

now suspended over a pile of rubbish in a Belgian junk shop.

First Latin Rite Parish

in Europe. Sorry its in French. Te Deum.

First Trio "Married" in The Netherlands

Moral decadence and decay in Europe.

After the Dutch Catechism was published, the Bishops could do nothing to resist.

"The Dutch Catechism ignores the angels, and does not treat human souls as being directly created by God. It insinuates that original sin was not transmitted by our first parents to all their descendants but is contracted by men through their living in the human community, where evil reigns, as though it were a sort of epidemic. There is no affirmation of the virginity of Mary. Nor does it say that Our Lord died for our sins, being sent for this purpose by His Father, and that this was the price by which divine Grace was restored to us. Consequently, the Mass is presented not as a sacrifice but as a banquet. Neither the Real Presence or the reality of Transubstantiation are clearly affirmed."

St Dominic and the Rosary


October- Month of the Holy Rosary


Supremi Apostolatus Officio (On Devotion of the Rosary )

Pope Leo XIII on devotion of the Rosary
Not only do We earnestly exhort all Christians to give themselves to the recital of the pious devotion of the Rosary publicly, or privately in their own house and family, and that unceasingly, but we also desire that the whole of the month of October in this year should be consecrated to the Holy Queen of the Rosary. We decree and order that in the whole Catholic world, during this year, the devotion of the Rosary shall be solemnly celebrated by special and splendid services. From the first day of next October, therefore, until the second day of the November following, in every parish and, if the ecclesiastical authority deem it opportune and of use, in every chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin—let five decades of the Rosary be recited with the addition of the Litany of Loreto.