Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The modern idea

is that it is important to return to the spirit of the founder as opposed to the Rule of an order (horror: as if this is two different things). Here is a Franciscan who does neither and states:

"Evil for Jesus becomes, paradoxically, the illusory and arrogant attempt to expel or eliminate evil. He himself is always shockingly patient with sinners. Jesus contains evil in a new way-- by refusing to give his energy in actively opposing it."

So much for the cleansing of the Temple.

Archdiocese of Boston

No compassion- instead of children, now the elderly have to suffer at their hands.

Hagia Sophia

- the great Church of Constantinople. Following the Council of Florence, the last services to take place in Hagia Sophia were undoubtedly Catholic, I believe the Latin Rite.

From the Catholic Encyclopedia

"At the Council of Florence, therefore (1439), the Greeks again declared themselves Catholics. This formal reunion, however, imposed by the emperor and again rejected by the Greek nation, could not in the beginning be proclaimed even at Constantinople, in spite of the election of a patriarch favourable to Rome, and of Western promises to help the Greeks with men and money. Mark of Ephesus and after him Gennadius Scholarius were omnipotent with clergy and people, and infused into them fresh hatred of the Latins. Nevertheless, the promised crusade took place under the direction of Cardinal Giuliano Cesarini. János Hunyady and Iskender-Beg (Scanderbeg) performed miracles of valour, but in vain. The crusaders were completely defeated at Varna in 1444, and nothing was left to Constantinople but to perish honourably. The reunion with Rome, as accepted at Florence, was at last proclaimed officially in St. Sophia by Cardinal Isidore, Metropolitan of Kiev (12 Dec., 1452). It was thus fated that Emperor Constantine Dragases, the last heir of the great Constantine, was to die in the Catholic Faith."


pull back as numbers dwindle.

Celebrate??- this is a Church closing!

St. Francis illuminating

the Way to Restoration

"It was in February in the year 1206 that St. Francis, still a layman, paid a visit to a decrepit church on the outskirts of Assisi, Italy. There in prayer an ancient icon of the Crucified Messiah came alive and spoke to him, saying: 'Francis, Francis, go and rebuild My House which as you can see is falling down into ruin.' With these words Christ Our Lord received St. Francis into the service of His Church militant and gave him the vocation and mission to apply an authentic and effective cure to the ills of the Church of all times: infidelity to God, through immorality and dissent: answered by fidelity to God, through penance and faith."

From a very great website.

Feast of St Francis


Founder of the Three Orders of St Francis