Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I was reading a book today from a member of We are Church in Austria. He suggested that prior to the Council that the Popes were under such political and military pressure that none of their writings could be trusted as authorative and would have to be revised. These are the group that also apologised to their protestant interlocuters for the recent statement on the nature of the Church.

Members of "Wir sind Kirche" do cabaret. I shall rename them We are Cabaret!

The whole tragedy stems from the idea that individuals or groups can own the Catholic Church in whole or in part. Never from my lips, "my church"! And ultimately that comes from an overemphasis on the Church as the "people of God" rather than the Body of Christ.

See also Marxist Malice on how the Catholic Church in England and Wales became a cabaret performance by the Bishops Conference.