Thursday, September 17, 2009

German Catholic women discover the penguin in themselves


iturgical dance in an unusual atmosphere: women from Munster-Gremmendorf danced in the elephant house.

On the Trail of the Penguin
Munster. "Do it like the penguin: you don't give a damn when your wings do not let you fly." Even from a distance on Monday afternoon (14.09.2009), the "penguin song" was heard in Münster zoo. Mechthild Schlichtmann, director of the choir project "Malembe" of the Catholic Women in Germany (KFD) in the Diocese of Münster had written lyrics for this song specially for the KFD-action and set it to music in the zoo.
About 200 women from Münster and the Münsterland took up the offer which a preparatory team had worked out with the assistance of the KFD-town women: an introduction to "Animals in the Bible," a talk by zoo director Joerg Adler about the importance of frogs to the ecosystem and people, public singing with the KFD Project choir and liturgical dance as praise to creation. The event was held under the motto

"Discover the penguin in you."
Discover your own abilities
"The penguin is an oddity: Wings they have, but they cannot fly into the air. And they also make their way on land rather awkwardly," said the women of the planning team. "But instead of doubting themselves, they makes the best of it, because he knows that once he jumps into the water, he is in his element." The organisers were of the opinion that people could learn a few things from penguins: We want to make clear that like the animals, every human being has their abilities, to be discovered, "said Annette Schmidt.

"Animals show us in their diversity that God has created each creature to be unique and wonderful, with everything it needs for a successful life." The talents, which one has should be used, "said Christiane Schnepper. "Each different and each in their own way." This idea also took individual text which the women had applied to some of the animal enclosures.

Dance as praise to creation
A group of women were introduced to the animals of the bible by Oliver Ambree the zoo director. 90 animals were mentioned in the Bible, said Ambree and used as examples for the women, inter alia, the horses and donkeys. "Donkeys are more robust and can work in difficult terrain," he said.Horses were owned by kings. "It is significant that Jesus did not ride on a horse but a donkey into Jerusalem." Behind the Old Testament story of Balaam's ass, which perceives an angel that Balaam does not provides the idea that animals are more sensitive and can perceive things that people might not perceive.

In the elephant house, the liturgical dance group from St. Ida’s Church in Gremmendorf were invited under the direction of Elizabeth Entrup to dance. While the monkeys screamed gleefully and the elephants ate the hay, the women danced a praise of creation. Sigrid Wolf was among them. "The event lived from the participation," said the KFD member. She was glad to meet again some specific women and to visit the zoo after a long time. Ursula Hagen had traveled from Ahlen. "The issue made me curious," she said. "I often appreciate the activities of the KFD. The women simply get something going!"

Nationwide KFD-Action
Michaela Bans

At the end of the day, the women celebrated with their spiritual director, Michaela Bans, a Liturgy of the Word. It was decided that the collection from the service should go to the campaign "Save the frogs ". The action was part of a nationwide KFD Action Week under the motto "believe passionately and live – the KFD makes connections " that lasts until Sunday (20.09.2009). Women are invited to come to search for the ideal of female communityl life. The aim set for action in Munster states, "We empower women in their uniqueness and their individual life situations."
 Discovered the penguin, lost the plot!  This is not satire.
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St Anselm's short political history of humanity

"Once there were proud men who placed the whole efficacy of the virtues in freedom alone, in our times there are many who utterly dispair of the existence of freedom."