Friday, July 30, 2010

Moment of truth in the Danneels investigation

Het Nieuwsblad - Onderzoek naar onderzoek Danneels in stroomversnelling

The Board of Indictment (AI) on August 6 will hear the parties involved in the Danneels case.

The investigation into sexual abuse within the Church will be fought over in court in the next few weeks the court . The Prosecutor-General of Brussels decided a few weeks ago to review the actions of the investigators and to place the investigating judge under the microscope has "got the time" of the Board of Indictment .

This means that the AI will decide on the validity of the investigation. The first session is scheduled for Friday, August 6. The KI can ask all parties involvedin the criminal investigation their standpoint. These are the Prosecutor General in Brussels, the investigating judge and the lawyers of Cardinal Danneels. But whether that happens is uncertain.

The study by the Kl comes in response to the notorious searches on June 24 undertaken by investigating judge Wim De Troy of Cardinal Danneels home, the episcopal palace in Mechelen and St. Rombouts Cathedral.

Operation Chalice

Investigators of the Brussels Federal Judicial Police then went in search of clues and evidence that the facts of child abuse by the church were covered up by the Church. During the searches not only a lot of documents but also all the computers from the episcopal palace and the personal computer of Cardinal Danneels were seized.

The action called "Operation Chalice" generated a lot of controversy. The lawyer for the archdiocese and Cardinal Danneels, Fernand Keuleneer, provided the Brussels public prosecutor-general with a dozen objections about the searches. The Prosecutor General then decided to test the validity of the investigation. That the prosecutor-general has got the time of the AI , indicates that a decision has been made but that the decision is yet unclear.