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Who will be head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith?

Nachfolge im Vatikan: Konkurrenz für Müller

Long has the name of Gerhard Ludwig Mueller been discussed in the Vatican as successor to Cardinal William Levada as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. But now another strong contender has emerged: Marc Ouellet is already prefect of a Congregation.

It is always very different from what the newspaper say which seems to be an ecclesiastical law. Noone suggested Reinhard Marx would eventually be Cardinal in Munich. And also that Rainer Maria Woelki would be Cardinal in Berlin, who would have guessed? Exactly - not a single journalist. It is striking however that the name of the Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig is always under discussion. No wonder, because the cleric has apparently the one hand, the highest reputation with the Pope as a theologian, and on the other hand, he has fought with the Left in the Church - the man has been written about many times when it comes to promotion.

This time when Mueller came back on the agenda, at the beginning it was looking really good for him. The post for which he was discussed is probably the second highest in the Curia. Mueller was to succeed Cardinal William Levada, the supreme guardian of faith and successor as prefect of the Holy Inquisition, which post Joseph Ratzinger also occupied. The left wing media created an thunderstorm and you thought: Aha, this time, he will be raised to the Cardinal's purple.

But Mueller has apparently superior competition for the post. In the meantime, the name of the Canadian native from Quebec who is prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Marc Ouellet is discussed. Before anything happens, however, Levada will finally end the debate whether the controversial SSPX will be re-integrated into the bosom of the church – conciliation or final schism. Ouellet seems much more likely to obtain such an important position Mueller, but the latter's chances to get into the Vatican, are not yet lost: After all, he has already acted as chief archivist. Either way, Mueller gets promotion in Rome - sooner or later ...

In the East, Feast of holy, glorious and right-victorious great-Martyr St Christopher


The holy, glorious and right-victorious great-Martyr Christopher of Lycia (d. 249) the Christ bearer (Greek: ο Άγιος Χριστόφορος ο Κυνοκέφαλος), also known as the Cynocephalus or Dog-headed among the West, is a saint of the third-century. He is believed to be the protector of travelers and is commemorated by the Church on May 9.

St. Christopher lived in Lycia, under the reign of the Roman emperor Decius (reigned 249-251), and was at first named Reprobus before being baptised. Not much is known about him, but there are many legends connected to him.

The Orthodox tradition describes the saint as a tall man of tremendous strength who made a living carrying people across a raging river. One day his passenger was a child who grew so heavy as they crossed the river that St. Christopher feared they would both drown. He was amazed that such a small child could overcome someone so mighty as himself. The child then revealed that he was Christ, and the heaviness was caused by the weight of the world which he bore.

Although so little is known about the life of St. Christopher, there is much to be gathered from his experience of carrying Christ across the river. His story represents a message of hope that all Christians are called to bear and to "put on" Christ, by taking up the crosses, given to each of us, in our lives. Christopher bore his "cross" (Christ himself) and eventually suffered martyrdom for the faith, fulfilling the commandment of Christ, "He who does not take his cross and follow Me is not worthy of me" (Matt. 10:38).

St. Christopher came to martyrdom under the emperor who wanted to kill him for his faith. Christopher was first asked to renounce Christ. When he refused, he was tied to an iron stool, which was placed over fire. The stool melted, but St. Christopher was unharmed. The emperor then ordered archers to shoot him, but all the arrows missed. One archer shot the emperor in the eye. Outraged, the emperor then ordered that the saint be decapitated. St. Christopher's severed head told the emperor to put some of his blood in his wounded eye, and when the emperor did so, his sight was restored and he converted to Christianity.

The Greek word "Christophoros" translates into "Christ-bearer" and he is, therefore, depicted in iconography as carrying a child, who, in turn, is carrying a globe. Some people hold the superstition that if you see an icon of St. Christopher you cannot die on that day; this superstition is not supported by the Orthodox Church.
"Cynocephalus" is a Greek word, literally meaning "dog-head." There are some rare icons that depict this martyr with the head of a dog. Such images may carry echoes of the Egyptian dog-headed god, Anubius; and Christopher pictured with a dog's head, is not generally supported by the Orthodox Church. However, these images have made him especially popular among the Roman Catholics who have created many stories to explain his "cynocephalatic" appearance.

His relics, including the head of the saint, are on the island of Rab in Croatia.

Prayer for Vocations


Church to blame for spread of Islam in Europe claims convert

Wenn sich der Islam in Europa ausbreitet, „ist das auch Schuld der Kirche“ › Katholisches
Friday Prayers outside Milan Cathedral

The Egyptian-Italian MEP, Magdi Cristiano Allam criticized yesterday an article published in the Italian daily newspaper Il Giornale, the Islamization of Europe. As "clear evidence", he cited the citizens of European countries, who convert to Islam. "Did you know that in Italy there are already 70,000 Muslim citizens?" (Cathcon- think he means the number of converts) Allam asks in his article. The total number of Muslims currently living in Italy comes to, according to the Interior Ministry, to more than 1,583,000. "Did you know that on average every four days in Italy a new Islamic place of worship is established?"

The Catholic Church has been partly responsible for this development, “not taking seriously enough” and "representing" and "defending".of "insufficiently" their own faith and the culture of Europe Many Catholic priests are too anxious to appear "Islamically correct" according to Allam.

The trigger for Allam's opinion was a declaration by Ezzedine Elzir, the chairman of the Union of Islamic Communities and Associations in Italy. Elzir stated that in Italy there are "70,000 people who have returned to Islam." According to Elzir, Muslims prefer not to speak of converts, but of "returnees", because it is a matter of a "rediscovery of the true faith".

Magdi Cristiano Allam gave this opinion. Instead of proclaiming Christ to the Muslims, Europe responds to the phenomenon of Islam which takes religion seriously, with a "reinforced religious relativism" says Allam. This is a "defensive position" which contained "the seeds of a declaration of bankruptcy".

The church should have listened to Pope Benedict XVI and " read and take seriously his writing". Benedict XVI has several times identified the "dictatorship of relativism" as the "ultimate evil of the times" and that it needs to be "fought" .This "dictatorship requires reason to gather dust in the attic," said Allam “ to be able to proclaim that all religions and cultures, regardless of their content are the same”.

"The eloquent creed of religious relativism is found in the litany of the 'three great monotheistic, Abrahamic religions of revelation, who all worship the same God," said Allam. This "mistake" was reflected in the behaviour of not a few Catholics as well as Catholic priests who have the "fancy" of "loving Muslims as people who would accept them and their religion unconditionally, and who legitimise Islam, regardless of the fact that it is incompatible with the non-negotiable values of the sanctity of life, the same human dignity for men and women as well as religious freedom of every person, "said Allam.

"Wake us up!" cied out the Member of the European Parliament. "Islam is already in our homes. If we liberate ourselves from the dictatorship of relativism, and we will stop the Islamic invasion! We must rediscover our soul and regain the use of reason. "

Magdi Allam was born in 1952 in Egypt, the son of Muslim parents. He received an education in Catholic educational institutions in Egypt. He completed his degree in sociology in Italy and decided to stay in Europe. As a journalist, he worked for major Italian newspapers, most recently as deputy editor of Corriere della Sera in Milan. In 2006, he was won the one million dollar Den David Prize for Understanding and Tolerance. He converted to Catholicism and was baptised by the Pope at the Easter Vigil 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI and received the Catholic Church. Through the television broadcast of the Easter liturgy, the event became known worldwide and led to some angry reactions in the Islamic world. Since 2009, he has been a member of the European Parliament. He was elected on the list of the Italian Christian Democrats. Due to their cooperation with the party of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Allam founded his own party. In the European Parliament, he is a member of the national-conservative, Eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group.