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German Bishop at Synod for ecclesiastical recognition of same sex relationships

Bishop Bode about his expectations for the family Synod in Rome
"Openly discuss various Positions"
The Osnabrück Bishop Franz-Josef Bode takes part in early October in the World Synod of Bishops in Rome on the subject of the family. In an interview with the Catholic news agency, he commented on his expectations for this meeting.

KNA: Bishop Bode, what do you expect  in terms of atmosphere at the Synod of Bishops?
Bode: There will be a special atmosphere. Because a synod was already held last year in preparation. And because it has first given out surveys among the faithful about the issues at stake. These opinions and directions have evolved. Therefore, this Synod is eagerly awaited. This is also true for myself.

KNA: A major issue will be the divorced and remarried.  You have advocated, under certain conditions to allow those who sufferer this situation back to receiving Holy Communion. Which conditions?
Bode: Marriage is indissoluble according to the will of Jesus. With a sacramental marriage, something is concluded that never dissolves easily. Given the weakness of human life, this relationship can still break and fail. People can come into a new relationship that is mature, but sacramentally not of the same value as the first. The question is whether this new reality, which might better equate to the covenant of God with men than the first, always must lead to the exclusion from confession and communion. We should include the question of what circumstances have led to the breakdown of the marriage. So far, we have treated everyone in the same way, whether someone carries guilt or not. In addition, this is tied to a question of the understanding of the Eucharist. Is it really the only representation of a perfect unity in faith and Church or does it also help for lives that have their wounds? And that people cannot express themselves in confession and obtain forgiveness, I find almost more difficult than the question of Communion.

KNA: A large theme will also be dealing with homosexuals and an ecclesial appreciation of their enduring partnerships.  Can you describe a solution for this?
Bode: The Catechism makes clear that we do not discriminate against these people. As with others who live together before marriage, it is also a matter of recognizing their strengths and not only their weaknesses and shortcomings. Civil unions are not to be equated to marriage. Marriage is the relationship of husband and wife which can produce children for us.   The Church can help the civil unions in discussions and in the positive support and assist them. However, it is not able to give anything which is tantamount to marriage. But with prayer and a private form of blessing, you will be able to accompany their way.

KNA: Where loyalty and reliability are lived, may there be a recognition from the Church?
Bode: A recognition of what is lived there. A sacrament is not. But when I basically have the openness not to demand everything or nothing, then the same is true for homosexuality. Whereby that is dependent of course on cultural and political contexts. Even the last Synod has highlighted the differences in the universal Church. Maybe because you have to go different ways.

KNA: What opportunities do you see for uniform solutions in the Catholic Church around the world?
Bode: The opportunity there is always because we believe working together on the one Christ, because the basis is the Scripture and because we have a tradition of the Church as a whole. That was always the advantage of the Church that it is a community across borders, beyond cultures.  In the basic conception of marriage and family,  there is however unanimity. With regard to homosexual ways of life, you will need to assume a greater diversity in the cultures.

KNA: What will change in  pastoral care after the Synod?
Bode: A synod is not a Council, which adopts resolutions, which are then pastorally implemented. The Synod makes recommendations to the Pope, who authored a directional work from it. In it, he can of course also set new pastoral priorities. In our recommendations we can keep the doors open for pastoral solutions locally. It is conceivable to give the priests their own powers, so that in pastoral work they can find  responsible solutions for the divorced and remarried. There have already been for many years in the dioceses suggestions on how parish priests should deal with the matter. I hope that this can be done in a theologically founded direct manner. We have almost always only in view what dogma tells pastoral work, but rarely what pastoral work tells dogma. Here that's a dialogue, an innermost connection.

KNA: In Rome, conservative and reform-minded bishops meet together. Will they not hold back behind closed doors?
Bode: I hope for a climate in which the different positions can be openly expressed. And not just in the three-minute statement at the beginning of the Synod, but also in small groups with each other. This must be done to retain the factual nature. Elements of prayer, deliberation, of retreat and re-gathering are important to. Above all, it takes time. I do not know how far we go in three weeks.

KNA: How important is the participation of non-clerics?
Bode: We cannot discuss as clerics and men alone, the questions of family.  Yes. It is absolutely necessary that married couples are present. In addition,  a very honest statement of the position comes out of the opinion survey. In addition, the bishops have spoken beforehand with consultants and spouses, especially with women.

KNA: How important is to you as a celibate man's own family?

Bode: I have four older sisters. All four are married and two children. And who now already eight grandchildren. As uncle and great-uncle, I have a good normal family life. Unfortunately, two of my sisters have already passed away, so I also know this situation of severe illness and widowhood. In my circle of friends, I have friends whose marriages have failed and have made new good beginnings. Also, I meet regularly with the six couples of a family circle of the  parish in which I was a parish priest. I am very involved in my family.


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Explosive video. "Pope will show whose side he’s on" at the synod

Interviews with Archbishop Lenga, Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Burke.

"If this means that cardinals will be opposed to cardinals, then we simply have to accept the fact that...that that's the situation which we find ourselves. Certainly for my part, I don't look for this kind of conflict, but...if in defending the truth of the faith I end up in a disagreement or a conflict with another cardinal what has to be primary to me is the truth of the faith and to, as a teacher of the faith, as a pastor of souls, to defend that truth." - Cardinal Burke in the interview.

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Cardinal Secretary of State- Church needs perpetual reform

The Church always needs reforms in order to be true to itself. So says the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin in an interview with the Flemish weekly Tertio. The Church needs a "constant process of adaptation", because of changing circumstances. That does not mean that the substance of faith is changed. For the language and structures, this adjustment is very suitable. At the same time one must distinguish exactly what is compatible with the Gospel, and what is not.

On intra-ecclesiastical disputes before the next Assembly of the Synod, the Cardinal said that different opinions initially be a sign of vitality. Pope Francis indeed wanted an open discussion as he had clearly called for at the beginning of the last General Assembly of the Synod. In any case, there is unity in the belief that it is a matter of proclaiming happily and bravely the doctrine of marriage based on the words of Jesus.

Tertio conducted the interview on the occasion of the anniversary of the inauguration of Parolin exactly two years ago.

Cathcon: perpetual revolution is a recipe for disaster, constantly eroding the core of the Faith.


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Hungarian bishop speaks of Muslim "invasion"

Hungarian bishop speaks of "invasion" of Muslim refugees

The Hungarian Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo causes a sensation with his dramatic statements. Muslim refugees in his country were a threat and also arrogant. Francis had no idea of the situation.

On a highway refugees on Monday night journey in the direction of the Hungarian capital Budapest. The police could not hold them back.

While Pope Francis calls Europe's Catholics to greater solidarity with refugees, one of his bishops in Hungary causes a stir with his dramatic statements.

"They are not refugees. This is an invasion, "said Bishop László Kiss-Rigó. "They come here and shout out 'Allah is great'. They want to take control. "

 The bishop of the border town of Szeged, on the border with Serbia and Romania, where tens of thousands of refugees from countries such as Syria have reached the EU, stood behind Prime Minister, Viktor Orban and his hard-line policy on refugees.

"I fully agree with him," said the 60-year-old Bishop Kiss-Rigó. Pope Francis on the other hand, "does not know the situation." The Muslim refugees are a threat to Europe's "universal Christian values." They do not deserve support because they had money. They also left behind garbage and behaved in an "arrogant and cynical" manner.

Hungary is not considered a particularly religious country. Many are proud of the historical role of their country as a European bulwark against attacks from the Orient. Hungary's national holiday commemorates the Christianization of the country more than 1,000 years ago.
Other church leaders want to help

With his statements Kiss-Rigó apparently does not speak for the majority in the Hungarian Catholic Church. The Pope's call to open parishes and Catholic centrrs for refugees, the Church will comply with "with joy and willingness", declared Hungary's Primate Cardinal Peter Erdo and the President of the Hungarian Bishops' Conference, Andras Veres, on Monday, according to the Italian Catholic press agency, SIR.


Inside the mind of a modernist

"A transcript of the Holy Father’s prepared statement, which merits closer attention than one might imagine, is available on the Holy See’s website in Spanish, the language in which it was delivered, and Italian, the text that I parsed for the present discussion.

Revealed within the Pope’s words (or better stated, reconfirmed within his words) are the machinations of a modernist mind; the same that conjured up the idea of appointing a Synod of Bishops to deliberate changes to ancient pastoral practices that can admit of no such thing without undermining the immutable doctrines from which they spring.

In his message to the gathering of theologians, Pope Francis spoke of an allegedly healthy tension between the Universal Church, custodian of the “received tradition,” and the local Church, where the faith is actually lived in “reality.”"

Cardinal Müller with considerable foresight sounded alarm bells about this false dichotomy.

“nothing more than the introduction of subjectivism and arbitrariness, wrapped up in sentimental and smug religious terminology.” 

Full article:

To rig one Synod, Pope Francis, may be regarded as a misfortune. To rig two looks like more than carelessness.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde....

"A new book, The Rigging of a Vatican Synod?: An Investigation into Alleged Manipulation at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, will shed much light on allegations that the Extraordinary Synod, held in Rome last October, was subject to manipulation. The book has been written by highly respected Vatican journalist Edward Pentin and carries the endorsement of Wilfrid Fox Cardinal Napier, Archbishop of Durban. Cardinal Napier is one of the fifteen members of the permanent council of cardinals and bishops overseeing the Synod of Bishops, he attended the Extraordinary Synod and was a member of the committee that drafted the final relatio synodi of that Synod."

Full story

Rigging of the Synod outcome begins

Clearly very dark forces are going to be at work at the Synod....if they succeed and given the manner of the operation, they deprive its results of all legitimacy.

"However, the adapters have failed to win over the Synod of Bishops to their positions, and this is the reason the General Secretary of the Synod considered changing the rules. Some well-informed people say that the 2015 Synod will be completely different from any other. First of all, a midterm report will not be released. Last year, the midterm report was completely revised by some of the Pope’s closest collaborators prior to its release, and the report resulted in many controversies. Even Cardinal Petr Erdo, the Synod’s General Relator, distanced himself from the report. But its release united the followers of the Church’s doctrine, who stood up against the Synod’s drift. They ultimately achieved an acceptable compromise for the Synod’s Final Report, which was filled with biblical references that had been lacking in the midterm report.

Avoiding the release of a midterm report would mean eliminating any possibility of discussion. The plan is for the Synod to carry out discussions mostly in “small groups” (circuli minores) without a general discussion. In the end, the reports of the small groups would be put in the Pope’s hands, and the Pope would then give a final address. No final report or post-synodal apostolic exhortation is foreseen at the moment, at least according to recent rumors. In this way the adapters hope to convince the Pope to employ vague language so they can eventually exploit his words."

Full article:

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Call for Pope to over-rule conservative outcome of October Synod.

Ritually German bishops warn against exaggerated expectations of the Synod.

Finally Catholics may talk about sex. And then they do not know what to say to each other. In a month, the Synod begins in Rome, but it's just strangely silent. The conservative camp is sinking in prayer, so that the teaching should remain unaffected. This group has earned some rest as it has been worn out in a long campaign. Especially their top men Raymond Burke and Vitus Huonder have pounded away for the Catholic marriage and against feminization, effeminacy, and other weaknesses in the connective tissue of society. The liberal camp also was not idle- it has adopted position papers. They all praise the diversity of ways of life, but with vocabulary less than diverse. Roughly speaking, each should feel "valued" and "accepted" in their break-ups in life. Everyone, except perhaps Burke and Huonder.

Francis wanted a debate. What he got so far, was a self-assurance from the combatants. The Conservatives are even stiffer than usual, the Liberals explain the jitters to the reform movement. The Osnabrück Bishop Franz-Josef Hermann Bode, one of the German envoys to Rome, said in an interview with Herder Correspondence: "My great concern is that the synod remains in the camps and there remains in the end only winners and losers." There must be no winners and losers, for which also other brethren in ecclesiastical office pray. Why so scrupulous? Church history is full of victors and vanquished. The infallibility of the Pope was decided at the First Vatican Council of 1870 also because the German bishops were outvoted. Under protest they departed and had to henceforth accept infallibility. Also at the Second Vatican Council, there was for all important documents majorities and minorities. Whosoever was defeated, had to come to terms. Or construct their own church. It is as brutal as this when the Holy Spirit is to be captured by voting results.
Why should it now go easy? Ritually German bishops warn against exaggerated expectations of the Synod. Courage sounds different. In fact, the expectations of the base are rather too low than too high:  Most Catholics are beyond the sex obsession. They look on the Synod as more sex-symbolic: Rome to make a few swings of the hips, loosen the corset easily, that's enough. No details, please. Francis is welcomed by the grass roots, because he does not get on the nerves of  his subjects - like his predecessor – with narratives relating to the crotch.

Because the subject of sexual morality neither at top nor bottom is erotically arousing, the Catholic Church should put the matter behind them as quickly as possible. This includes the clear message: If bishops vote in a Vatican auditorium, it is a mater of defining power. Anyone who really wants to has to organize majorities, coolly and dispassionately. The Conservatives have it easy. They reach  a blocking minority. You do not need to win to triumph. They hope for the weakness of the other.
The liberal camp shuns the power grab. It hides behind the Gospel of Mercy, which Cardinal Walter Kasper has proclaimed That sounds cute, all is well and woe to no-one. But the parable of the Good Father can also be read in a polarizing manner: The most interesting figure is the Prodigal son. He must accept that his brother after whoring around in a foreign country returns home burnt out and receives from his father not a punishment but gets a feast. As the Prodigal asks why he never received a reward, he gets to hear: The proximity to the father was reward enough. Because he must have felt like a loser, but he had to deal with it.

With the keyword mercy, the liberals have the empathic view of the sinner son. They take the Catholics in "irregular" situations, the remarried, homosexuals, the unmarried unchaste.  But mercy belongs also to truth: it is a disgrace for the those faithful to the Magisterium. Before Francis moved into Rome, the Prodigals got one Pope-party after the other, now they should clean the dishes and be grateful. So what? For years, the liberals had let themselves to be brushed up by the Magisterium liberals. Why is this so hard for them, to draft others for dishwashing service? Do they not trust their truth?

Papa Francisco so far knocks neither his conservative nor his conservative-liberal sons on his shoulder. A flip side, however, is apparent: remarried were not excommunicated, he said recently. There were marriages, which it is not possible to save. Sticking to the rules does not make of Christianity. If nine out of ten Catholics have no problem with ignoring doctrine, then doctrine has a problem. Francis saw it differently, he might have spared himself the effort of the  unloved linking of marriage and sexual morality.   If the liberal camp from a lot of trembling knees at the end of October does not gain a two-thirds majority, Francis must do something himself. You could almost forget lots of democracy and debate simulation.  Yes: The man is Pope.

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Cardinal Sarah attacks Cardinal Marx for heresy.


"Heresy and dangerous schizophrenia". With sharp words, the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, Cardinal Robert Sarah, in his interview book expresses his views on current statements by Cardinal Marx. He dares say something which hardly one German bishop would say.

 Despite or even because of the clear words in connection with Marx's views on the admission of remarried divorcees to communion, the interview volume seems to find supporters: Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis, at whose Schloss at Sankt Emmeram the recently released book was presented on Tuesday strongly worked for the German translation. Curial Archbishop Georg Gänswein wrote the foreword. Bishop Gerhard Ludwig M came all the way from Rome to present the book personally.

 A few days ago Alois Glück, Chairman of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), called in view of the Synod of Bishops in Rome, when it comes to matters of marriage and family, for "a fundamental opening of more regional scope". On Tuesday at St. Emmeram were heard quite different tones: Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis had invited an illustrious group of clergy, as the Augsburg affiliated Prelate Wilhelm Imkamp and the Pope's brother Georg Ratzinger, as well as representatives of local prominence for the book launch.

 The Prefect of the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Cardinal Robert Sarah, who is regarded as conservative, had published he interview book "God or nothing - a conversation about Faith" earlier this year in French. Now it comes out in German. Hailing originally from Guinea, the Cardinal, who is considered papabile, does not put any restrictions on clear statements in the volume.

See comments earlier this week by Cardinal Müller warning of split as big as the Reformation.

  This time- let not the Rhine flow into the Tiber!

Cardinal Lehmann praises Catholic renewal movementsin the Reformation period

In reference to the Reformation anniversary in 2017, Bishop Karl Lehmann of Mainz has highlighted the Catholic renewal movements of 500 years ago.

At the opening of an exhibition about the social and cultural life in the Middle Rhine in the period around 1500, the Cardinal on Friday in Mainz Cathedral criticised "restrictions" in the representation of the history of the Reformation. "Without denying Martin Luther's originality", also the manifold new reform and renewal movements in addition to the Reformation would have to be respected. Here Lehmann cited "the great importance of German mysticism, the late medieval theology of lived monasticism and the contemporary reform movements".


This is doubtless a coded response to Cardinal Müller. Lehmann, the great reformer- his work is never done.

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Woman carries Blessed Sacrament in procession


Mexico 2010. No wonder they find themselves in such a difficult fight with the spirit of the age, when they so often have caved into it...and that goes for the whole Church...

Transsexualsannounce legal action against Mexico's Cardinal

Debate about legal recognition of homosexuals and transsexuals.   In Mexico, a transgender organization has announced a lawsuit against Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera. "Pro Diana" founder, Diana Sanchez Barrios accuses the Archbishop of Mexico City, of discrimination according to the news portal "Proceso" (Wednesday local time) .

Sanchez claimed that Rivera had spoken in the past in a dismissive and insulting manner about homosexuals and transsexuals. The aim of the action is all over the country to achieve legal recognition of homosexuals and transsexuals. Rivera dismissed all allegations. Such verbal attacks as she makes on him were forbidden him by the Catholic faith.


Head of CDF, Cardinal Müller warns of a split as big as the Reformation


The Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, has criticized in Regensburg on Tuesday a "climate of the German claim to leadership for the whole universal Church". At a book presentation, he pointed out the high number of people leaving the church, the deserted confessionals and empty seminars and religious houses in Germany. Often he has been asked from where the establishment of the so-called "German Church" derives the claim to be pacemaker for the universal Church with all the symptoms of a dramatic decline precisely on questions of sexual morality and the Catholic teaching on marriage. Müller warned against drawing from the situation in Europe conclusions about the future of other continents. "We should not promise others so that is also occurs with them as it is with us – so that the de-Christianization would be an unstoppable natural process. No. With faith you can move mountains."

Only a "sustainable new evangelization with all sincerity and apostolic zeal" could counteract the insipid state of Christianity in Germany, said the prefect. Despite talk of dialogue, "an ideological tension" is not to be overlooked. At the expense of the truth and the unity of the Church, a change of practice should be imposed leastways.

Reviewing the Family Synod, he criticized the fixing of the debate on controversial issues. It was "Problem-blind" when the admission of the civilly married, who still lived in a valid marriage Church marriage, to Holy Communion and the recognition of homosexual relations "were declared central themes of a pastoral ministry of the future".

The cardinal said: "By all means, it is attempted- exegetical, historical, history of dogma studies and with reference to psychology and sociology- to deconstruct the Catholic teaching on marriage, which arises from the teaching of Jesus, and put it into perspective, only so that the Church appears compliant with society. Whoever is faithful to the teachings of the Church, will be combated in the press and even more vilified as an opponent of the Pope, as if it were not the case that the Pope and all the bishops in communion with him would be witnessed of revealed truth, which was transferred to them for faithful administration, so they are not lowered by human beings to human proportions."

Cardinal Müller warned emphatically of a split: With regard to the separation of religious doctrine and religious practice, one should "be very vigilant and not forget the lesson of Church history." In Germany in the fateful year of 1517, the sale of indulgences became the occasion of the Protestant Reformation and the unwanted cleavage of Western Christendom. Overlooking the indulgence controversy, he explained, it was not the doctrine of Johann Tetzel on the inheritance of temporal punishment due to sin that was wrong, but "failure to comply with it in practice, and the awakening of a false note". The prefect demanded forcibly honesty in proclamation: The teachers of the faith should not be lulled into a false assuredness of salvation just in order to provoke no offense. "We must not be fooled when it comes to the sacramental nature of marriage, its indissolubility, its openness to the generation of children, and the fundamental complementarity of the two sexes. Pastoral care must have in view eternal salvation. "

The Prefect also rejected notions of a new understanding of revelation in the sense of a "reality of life". In the sense of faith, the people of God experience not a new revelation but in one in which the once and for all enacted salvation-revelation of God is fully preserved in Jesus Christ and orientated to the people of today and tomorrow. The cardinal stated: "It's not about adapting the revelation of the world, but to win the world for God."


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Belgian priest suggests ‘celebration’ when Catholics die from euthanasia

"A Belgian priest, Fr. Gabriel Ringlet, has suggested that a “celebration” should mark the moment of death for Roman catholics who choose euthanasia.

He also promotes the “spiritual accompaniment” of such Catholics in such glowing terms that they read like support for euthanasia itself. While Fr Ringlet says he does not aim to justify “mercy killing,” his approach is a boon to euthanasia proponents.

His book, written in French, Vous me coucherez nu sur la terre nue (“Put me out naked on the naked ground”), is coming out on Thursday. Its publication by a major French publisher, Albin Michel, rather than a Belgian one, is likely a sign that it will be used in the French “end of life” debate."

Full story
No collar for Ringlet- never....

The Dominicans in Belgium give him a platform- the man interviewing him is a Dominican- Father Philippe Conchinaux!!!

First a Western Mass complete with Confederate Flag- then an Indian Mass


This one on the Danube Island in Vienna in 2008, but it is still going on.


O unhapppy day! In 2013.... and on it goes, the eternal banal refrain of liturgical abuse.

For balance- an Indian Mass!

If feminist nuns ruled the world


The decadent and dying religious life in America.

Papal initiative to forgive abortion not a first

Priests who hold confessions during the XXVI World Youth Day in Madrid will be granted permission to forgive the sin of abortion and cancel the automatic excommunication that results. The initiative of the Archdiocese of Madrid, headed by Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, and supported by the decree of plenary indulgence for those who participate in one of the celebrations that will be held in Madrid during the mega-gathering that takes place in the Spanish capital from today Sunday.

The goal, according to a statement by the Archdiocese is that believers "can more easily reach the fruits of divine grace, which open the door for them to a new life", and will cover "the faithful who are truly repentant, by imposing a appropriate penance. "

This absolution can be obtained in one of the 200 confessionals installed in Buen Retiro park, in the initiative known as the "Fair of Forgiveness", during which two thousand priests will be involved in a 'marathon' confessional session in seven languages. Pope Benedict XVI will also attend this ceremony on Saturday, August 20 at 9 am. The forgiveness of abortion, according to canon law, is normally reserved for bishops.


Cathcon- I understand that in the UK almost all dioceses provide faculties to priests to absolve the sin of abortion.   Can any of my readers provide feedback on the situation in the rest of the world/ individual countries?

Lutherans in Denmark conduct first transsexual church wedding

The Lutheran Church of Ringsted, west of Copenhagen, has celebrated the first religious marriage of a transsexual pair. The Danish parliament approved in June 2012 a law allowing "marriages" between same sex in the National Lutheran Church. However, until now there had been no "marriage" between transsexuals.

"For us, it is important not that we just get married at City Hall. We also want a religious marriage, and it's nice to have the acceptance of the Church ", Isabell Storm and Cecilie Mundt, both born men, said on public television DR .

The Lutheran pastor, Henrik Fuglsang-Damgaard, said he was "delighted" to celebrate the ceremony and be the first pastor to marry two transsexuals in this Nordic country, where there is no separation between church and the state, because the nation is Lutheran.

"I think they made a good decision, they followed the feelings of their heart and were not afraid to show to God and to men that they are together. I think that God rejoices in heaven ", said the pastor, Fuglsang-Damgaard.

The Lutheran Church is deeply experienced in LGBT advocacy. This Protestant stream has openly has long campaigned for the recognition and acceptance of "marriage" between same sex.

A transsexual pastor was at the same time admitted to this Lutheran church ...


Cathcon: Shows how completely useless modern ecumenism has become- unless the Pope is even comfortable with this.

For the reality behind this sentimentalism, a fascinating article.