Thursday, March 29, 2007

Turkey Opens Restored Armenian Church

Hollow actions without an admission of genocide.

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Archdiocese takes steps to close Holy Trinity

Archdiocese of Boston performing right on previous form.

"In an at times contentious meeting attended by more than 100 parishioners Sunday afternoon in the lower chapel of the church, the Rev. Mark O’Connell, representing Cardinal Sean O’Malley, presented plans to move the Latin Mass to Mary Immaculate of Lourdes in Newton. He said that the Archdiocese needed time to do

“more work on what a German community would look like” (INCREDIBLE STATEMENT-

before moving that community out of the church and setting a closing date. He also answered questions from parishioners about why the church had to close in the first place and talked about the financial challenges the church has faced.

Many parishioners from the Latin and German Mass traditions are unhappy with the plan to move the Latin Mass to Mary Immaculate. At several points during the meeting, O’Connell’s remarks were received with mumbled disbelief, snorts of derision and at least one cry of “He’s full of XXXX.” One older woman, wearing a black lace head covering, stood up during the meeting and said, “I think this has been a total waste of time because we are being hoodwinked completely.”"

The Rite of Mass


On 7th March the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) carried a piece by the celebrated German author, Martin Mosebach, among several others on the same subject. Sadly, the original does not appear to be on the internet, but here is a translation, kindly provided in this case, by a Cathcon reader. Please pray for the donor!

The text.

The question regarding the significance of the old Latin Rite of Mass may be considered under two main aspects. The first is of importance for Christians and especially for Catholics, the second may carry weight for non-Christians. Christians must ask themselves if the rites - the old Latin one, as well as the various Orthodox and Oriental rites - are an essential or merely an accidental part of their religion. Does one need the rite in order to be a Christian?

The Orthodox and - until recently - Catholics have always held this conviction: Yes, there is a need for a rite. The core of the Christian religion, the “Word becoming flesh”, is an objective event and must be commemorated in an objective, and that means in a received, rite devoid of subjective effects. This view entails a rejection of subjectivity and “inwardness” which may appear absurd or scandalous to our contemporaries, but which has stood the Christian religion in good stead through many deep ruptures in its two-thousand-year history.

There are, however, also people with only a faint link, if any, to Christianity who secretly derive consolation from the continued existence of the received rite. Our theories of history, which have as their subject unremitting and irreversible revolutions and which posit an unrelenting evolution of humanity in historically graspable epochs, are countered by the hallowing corrective of a living rite which stems from the world of antiquity but whose roots stretch back to the Old Testament of the Jews and to the Second Old Testament of Pagan religions and philosophies. Conceiving of one’s own age as being wholly new and disconnected from history is an expression of an historical totalitarianism which carries political totalitarianism in its knapsack.

The existence and practice of this age-old rite in the centre of major cities, in the basilicas and cathedrals built for its celebration, relativises the hegemony of the present with its horrors and promises of happiness, refuting the one with innumerable demises, the other with innumerable resurrections in the past. The old Latin Rite - together with the Greek Orthodox - is the red thread running through the stations of world history; the place beyond history from which history may be contemplated. And not only history: in the changing course of time the objective rite makes the immutability of God discernable to the religious, that of Man to the non-religious.
Translated from the German by Philip Savage

The then Cardinal Ratzinger,

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St Joan of Arc to the Hussites


Jesus, Mary
For a long time the rumor and voice of the people have reported to me, Joan the Maiden, that from true Christians you have become heretics, and like the Saracens you have ruined the true faith and worship, and embraced a disgraceful and unlawful superstition; and wishing to sustain and spread it there is not a disgraceful thing nor foolish belief which you would not dare. You spoil the sacraments of the Church, you tear up the articles of the Faith, you destroy the churches, you break and burn the statues which were set up as memorials, you massacre Christians because they preserve the true Faith. What is this fury? Or what rage or madness consumes you? This faith, which God Almighty, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have revealed, established, elevated to power, and glorified a thousand ways through miracles - you persecute this Faith, you wish to overthrow and destroy it. You are blind, but not because you lack eyes or understanding. Do you believe that you will remain unpunished for it? Or are you unaware that God opposes your unlawful efforts and will not permit you to remain in darkness and error? So that the more you indulge yourselves in crime and sacrilege, the more He will prepare great punishments and anguish for you.

As far as I am concerned, to tell you frankly, if I wasn't occupied in the English wars I would have come to see you a long time ago; but if I don't find out that you have reformed yourselves I might leave off [fighting] the English and go against you, so that by the sword [lit. - "by iron"], if I can't do it any other way, I will eliminate your mad and obscene superstition and remove your heresy or your life; but if you would prefer to return to the Catholic faith and the original Light, then send your ambassadors to me and I will tell them what you need to do; if [on the other hand] you are not willing and if you obstinately resist the spur,n9 remember what damage and offenses you have committed and await me, who will inflict similar upon you with forces human and divine.
Given at Sully the [2]3rd, of March
to the heretics of Bohemia

St Joan of Arc, if she did not move with the times, why should we?

French bishops take note!

A sort of communion

"In his greetings, Cardinal Kasper underlined how since Vatican II, a sort of communion between the Catholic Church and the LWF has arisen. He said that both have 'achieved many steps that look forward, toward an ever greater partnership and friendship.'"

A toughening of rhetoric

at least, in the presence of the Papal nuncio.

Stealth priestess red alert

Somebody had better tell the Bishop of Linz, also seen in these photos.
His spectacles cannot be functioning!

But she is not alone!

Looks the same from the back!

Incredibly, the local protestant pastor got very upset indeed at this event because he wasn't given Communion, saying the Bishop should have handled matters differently. An unfortunate side effect of frequent Communion is that the protestants now think that to receive Communion in a Catholic Church is a badge of honour.

Aliens have landed in the Dominican Republic


Cathcon exclusive, they have taken control of the Basilica of Higuey which has started to glow blue.

Forty years of "openess" to the world


Have led the laity to think that Christ is a good bloke.

And footballers are angels - or is that the other way around. My thanks to the source of the tip.


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