Sunday, January 13, 2008

St Thomas More Catholic College

the best school in Stoke on Trent.

Under threat of closure. Shocking not least because of the identity of the patron saint of the school. The school probably has about the same level of support from the Catholic bishops.

Elation Ministeries at the Shrine of Knock

Get the beat, loose all your religion. Charismatic Catholics, forgetting the Holy Spirit is divine.

Pope turns to face the Cross


only the last forty years could have made this news!

She who is!


Meet Brigitte Gruber-Aichberger Left hand woman of the Bishop of Linz- why does she like wearing her green scarf like this, I wonder.

Cathcon translation

Brigitte Gruber Aichberger is Head of the "Pastoral Vocations" in the Diocese of Linz. She has one of the most influential posts in the Diocese.

Ideologically she is a representative of the movement to promote especially the female pastoral assistents and similar posts in the Church and thereby has acted to always quite blurr or ignor canonical boundaries acts. In the 12-01 2006/07 edition of the employee newspaper of the Diocese of Linz, she said preaching was among the tasks of male and female pastoral assistants.

Gruber Aichberger is married to the Linz theology professor Franz Gruber.

Ah, yes, Franz Gruber.

Franz Gruber (born 12. 6. 1960 in Vöcklabruck) is a professor of dogmatic theology at the Catholic Theological University in Linz

Gruber was born on 12 6th 1960 in Vöcklabruck . From 1971 to 1979 he attended the grammar school level, Petrinum College in Linz (Cathcon comment- given the name out of filial love and devotion of the people of Linz in those days to the person and office of the Pope!) . Then, until 1985, he studied theology in Linz and Innsbruck. On 1 In October 1983, he married Brigitte Aichberger Gruber who occupies one of the most influential posts in the Diocese of Linz . He obtained his Diploma as Master of Theology was 1985. Then Franz Gruber was from 1985 to 2000, assistant professor at the Institute for Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology at the Catholic Theological University of Linz. In 1991, he obtained a PhD in theology, and in 1996 habilitation in ecumenical and dogmatic theology. On 1 In May 2001, he was appointed professor at the Catholic-Theological University of Linz. Gruber is one of the representatives of the Linz "Get away from Rome-" theologians. He has, among other things, expresssed solidarity the theologian Jon Sobrino, when the latter was criticised by the Vatican and supports the call of the emeritus Tuebingen theologian, Peter Hünermann for the "reform" of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.
So there we have it. When a gal has got to go, she has got to go. There is only one director of vocations in a Catholic Diocese, and that is the Bishop.
"St Ignatius of Antioch, during the second century AD, has vigourously stressed in his letters,that remain for the Church a true treasure chest. Where the Bishop is, there is the Church, where the Church is there is the Holy Spirit. The local Church, the Eucharistic Community assembled arround a canonical Bishop or his representative, is the Christ present in that place".
Wise words from an abbot- so what has Brigitte Gruber-Aichberger got to do with anything. Anybody would think the Bishop of Linz was afraid of her. I am still waiting to meet a hyphenated Austrian who can be trusted, but I am sure that there are some out there, including readers of this blog.
She thinks she is it, and her husband who thinks He is the Magisterium. When these guys talk about lay participation, they are not thinking of the laity, but there own substantial pay checks and those of the prodigy. Many female pastoral assistants now earn more than the parish priest of the parish in which they serve.
What a sick Diocese! It was said of the English press that that they had power without responsibility, the prerogative of fallen women through the ages, these people have power without sacrifice, nor the power to offer sacrifice, the perogative of protestants through the ages. They are also in the business of pleasing you.