Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dymphna's road

"After reading this blog I'm always so thankful for my parish."

St Dymphna pray for us!

The relics of St Dymphna are now kept in a chapel turned museum in Gheel.

Erga migrantes caritas Christi

The love of Christ towards migrants:

"61. To avoid misunderstandingsand confusion, and considering the religious diversity that we mutually recognise, and out of respect for sacred places and the religion of the other too, we do not consider it opportune for Christian churches, chapels, places of worship or other places reserved for evangelisation and pastoral work to be made available for members of non-Christian religions. Still less should they be used to obtain recognition of demands made on the public authorities. On the other hand spaces for social use, forfree-time activities, games and relaxation and the like, could and should be opened to persons of other religions, respecting the rules followed in these places. The social contacts made there would be an opportunity to favour the integration of the new arrivals and prepare cultural mediators capable of helping overcome cultural and religious barriers by promoting adequate reciprocal knowledge."