Friday, January 14, 2005

Archdiocese of Boston

Mistakes from the beginning and we are not at the end- how many more mistakes can one Archdiocese make in the implementation of its church closing madness.

The Great Catholic Sale

Thousands of items are not pictured but many and more are, all from closed and demolished or abandoned churches. Chalices, vestments, pulpits, whole church interiors, monstrances and so on and so on- including relics despite as early as the fifth century AD, the Theodosian Code stating "Nemo martyrem mercetur" - "No-one shall trade in relics".

Archdiocese of Chicago to close 20 to 30 schools

More of the vicious cycle of decline.

"Homeschooling Illegal" Declares German School Official

This is "off-topic" but very important.

The Best Wedding Chapel

was a Catholic Church. The new use mocks the dignity of the Catholic Sacrament of Marriage.