Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Carnival at St Pius, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

Year after year, the biggest event in their calendar is Carnival. I have reported elsewhere how the Cardinal went to Carnival- here Carnival is permitted to enter the Church, which would have been unheard of before the Council.
Not a blessing, the Carnival Salute
Let's all hold hands
Dancing girls
Let's all wave. Again, not a blessing

We marched them all in and we march them all out again

Reading of the Epistle!
Surely not, the priesthood of all believers attempting to consecrate the altar to the Carnival but certainly not to God.

Saints Pius V and X, pray for us!

Music interferes with Mass


in the dear old Diocese of Linz.
They got rhythm, but have they got the Faith?

Collection of Missals for Sale


With the aim of developing the work of Cathcon, I wish to sell a collection of Missals.

The intention is that Cathcon should further expand with video and audio content, for which I need to purchase equipment. Furthermore, it is important that rather sitting on my shelves to be examined from time to time that these Missals are used for the purpose for which they were printed and/ or specifically read and studied. They would make ideal gifts for priests.

All the Missals are shown here
with fuller details and illustrations.

Please e-mail with any questions regarding details of any of the Missals. Discounts are available for the purchase of more than one.

Blessed and Praised be Jesus Christ

in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar

Pantomine Preaching

during Mass at a Catholic Church in Switzerland.

First Flight of a Stealth Priestess in Austria


Tin Can Mass in Bamburg


Feast of the Chains of St Peter


The Empress Eudoxia presents the relics to the Pope.
Support Cathcon by purchasing books by the Pope.

Ex Laodicea

a surprise:

"Just in case anyone was foolish enough to think Social Democracy and National Socialism have anything in common…. Here are the present voting patterns"

Flashback to 1966

The Ecumenical Way of Learning

Joseph Fichter SJ was a hero - of the feminist movement - not for his service in the army of the Jesuits.