Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Feast of All Relics kept in Dominican Churches


All Saints of the Dominican order, pray for us.

Today is also Reformation Day, which is emphatically not observed by Cathcon, for obvious reasons.There is however one Catholic Church in Linz which will be marking Reformation Day tonight with a Mass at which a protestant will preach.

Tomorrow, there will be an ecumenical visit to the the Town Graveyard by the Bishop of Linz and the pastor of the protestant parish in Linz. Don't think that the Bishop will say anything about the indulgences that can be gained for visiting a graveyard this week, or indeed praying for the Poor Souls.

Such is the glory of ecumenism, they want us to forget the Poor Souls.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

Where are such nuns to be found?


A pioneer of nursing in the 19th century, she made her first Communion in the English Convent in Bruges.

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My house shall be called a house of prayer but you have turned it into a den of....


The Royal Monastery of the Berlaymont.

First displaced by French revolutionaries from a site near the Cathedral now occupied by bankers of the Belgian National Bank. This was their new monastery.

Then displaced from this site by the bureaucrats of everyone's favorite organisation, the European Commission

Much of the history of the convent in French, including pictures of the sad modern buildings that they now occupy near Waterloo.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Goodnight, Canterbury

300 Anglicans defect to Rome after row over women priests -

We decided to close college, say friars -

"A University of Oxford college denied yesterday that its decision to close was related to a scathing assessment in a recent university review."

Last Mass of St Padre Pio


A drama about the reception of the stigmata.

Videos from his life.

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Toleration and the Reformation

written by Joseph Lecler SJ in 1956 was in many ways not just a history but a preparation for the Second Vatican Council. The Church got more than she bargained for, the Fathers of the Council junking a draft on tolerance and sunstituting a text on religious freedom.

Misplaced tolerance and freedom are two short ways to let evil prevail.

Milner Hall Winchester

The first Catholic Chapel dedicated, and in which the first Catholic Bishop was consecrated and the Benediction of the first Abbess was performed in England since the Reformation. Now the parish hall for the Catholic parish, it is available for events. It could be put to better use.

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For a personal relationship with God click here

Well you can't because it is an evangelical website and I won't link to it on principle. Didn't stop me finding publicity for the website in one of the main Churches in Brussels.

Franciscan sisters in Linz


offer course in Brainwalking.

Franciscan nuns receive a prize for the work with AIDS patients


But they don't have to advertise their work on a gay dating website, which is part of the problem not part of the solution. Thankyou to the ever-excellent

I remember s group of 100 of among the top intellectuals in the UK parting like the Red Sea when a colleague from university days arrived in a wheelchair striken with AIDs. Only two people would talk to the guy. Guilty consciences about their own behaviour, I suspect. The same behaviour that is promoted by the gay dating website as supported by the Franciscan Sisters.

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May Five Wounds of Christ be our soul's medicene


Medieval English prayer.

The text here- Through thy Wounds are we healed.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mass of the Spirit of Vatican II


Four years after the new Mass was published, this on German TV.

The Church of the Red Dot, rather than the Cross.

Entrance. Female servers already.

Liturgical dancing

Sermon in praise of the Council.
Bidding prayers manipulating the will of God.

Consecration- they do genuflect.

The dancers are back- Sing to the Lord a new song.

The priest is now eighty-two years old and shares my birthday. The book he wrote about the Red Dot Church is now worth 1.48 euro on Amazon. He made an enormous contribution not to the propagation of the Gospel of Christ, but to the Gospel of Psychology, specialising in a technique called TZI.

I quote from the following paper.

He practically applied the concept of topic-centered interaction (TZI), (Cathcon- Christ Centred Interaction would help rather better) intended to help to get interactional processes up and running, and intensify and steer them, in order to ensure “living learning.”The topic-centered element made it possible to introduce the specific concerns of particular professional groups or learning situations into the group dynamic process. Moreover, TZI could not only be deployed in “laboratory conditions,” but also in the “natural social field,” that is, in the participants’ normal social environment. This also made the “back home situation” easier, enabling people to carry across that which had been learned into normal everyday professional or private life. Within church circles, TZI was also considered to possess another positive characteristic: It was expressly conceived as “reducing fear.” It thus countered the danger, often lamented in relation to group dynamic methods, that neuroses or other psychological problems could be, as it were, artificially generated through the dynamics of the interaction. Both diocesan and religious order priests who had participated in group dynamic TZI courses, described “practice in immediacy” as one of their most important learning experiences. It was only through group therapeutic work that they rediscovered the principle that Christian witness can only occur on the basis of “that which one has experienced oneself ”; only in this way can the preaching of the faith be realistic. Through work in small groups or the participation of religious superiors in courses, many religious-order priests felt that via TZI, issues of living together in a community, long “hidden” under rituals grown overly formal, took on new force “in a new guise and with new dynamism.” According to P. Karl Siepen, CSsR, the general secretary of the association of German religious superiors, in 1972, there were “sometimes hysterical expectations” about the possible value of group dynamic approaches to a reform of life in holy orders (Cathcon note also the General Secretary from 1962 to 1989 of the German Catholic Mission Council- the years that the locusts have eaten as far as mission is concerned). The concept of topic-centered interaction was, however, also deployed in many church educational institutions. Some priests adopted this “mental attitude” in their daily work in order to break away from “thinking in terms of power and calculating speech” and thus from communicative postures that they increasingly perceived as a hindrance to productive parish work. “What you are doing is truly Christian.” The newspaper of the bishopric of Munster quoted the words of priest Bernhard Honsel from Ibbenbueren, who had regularly used TZI since 1974 in group work on the initiative of a woman working as a religious educator (Religionspaedagogin) in the community, and indeed particularly in the pastoral conference of the Pfarrverband (a loose association of several parishes).48 Honsel had first initiated education in the methods of group dynamics in 1970, in which, along with a few lay people, Catholic priests and a lay theologian, five Protestant priests, and deacons from the town of Ibbenbueren took part.

The director of music is still in post (as of one year ago). The wretches turned the Church into a psychological laboratory, experimenting on souls rather than saving them.
The parish website carries today this article in German translation. A nun who compares Che to Christ. We are living in the last years of the old revolutionaries. They are without honour and have no inheritance.

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If you teach the Faith,


you can’t be a clown, says Pope Benedict:

"In front of more than 30,000 people gathered in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Benedict XVI held his weekly general audience today. The Church Father he turned his attention to for his catechesis was St. Ambrose of Milan. Benedict said that Ambrose's example should teach everyone that living out the faith cannot be a role that they play like a clown, but rather that their faith and life should be one seamless witness."

Father Roland Breitenbach take note.
Thats Roland, the Red Nose Priest
Not so strange, that when I was trying to remember his name, I thought it was Rudolf.

Not content with aquiring property


protestants start to move it around. It will arrive in its new location on Reformation Day (for celebration, not!). Bring it back and give it back.

Goodbye St Francis; hullo, Muhammad

sell-out of a great tradition by Franciscans' modern representatives.

Motto of Greyfriars, My God and my all.

The Capuchins boasted of giving 20000 pounds to CAFOD last year, but forgot about their own backyard.

Open Air Workers Mass in Essen

Don't save souls. Get the production up.
Crypto-priestesses if you look closely.
Reds turn green.

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Petition to: reduce the legal gestational age for abortion from 24 weeks to 16 weeks.

16 weeks is needless to say not enough. :

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to reduce the legal gestational age for abortion from 24 weeks to 16 weeks. More details Submitted by Dr John F Corish – Deadline to sign up by: 29 January 2008 – Signatures: 947"

Please add a few more!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coming soon to a Church near you.

Laity empowered by a supposed priest shortage. The argument is flawed. The proportion of priests to people has detiorated a bit in the last forty years but nothing like as much as the proponents of lay involvement would have you believe.

The real problem is a shortage of Catholics. Full article here.

The nice woman at the door becomes a stealth priestess during the services.

Outrageous implication here, that the priest and the stealth priestess are equivalent, and that they (better to say he only in reality) depends on approbation from the congregation- hence the familiar looking salutes.

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And the Cardinal König Art Prize 2007 goes to......

Six and Petrisch (English translation, sick and petrified) not for their contribution to the Catholic Faith but for their work in the media of concrete. Come to think of it, perhaps the Freudians are right as much of ultra-modern Church design depends on a concrete fettish.

The prize ceremony will be on 27th November. In 2005, it was received by an artist who produced a pile of dirt. The prize will be next awarded in 2009.

What a waste of time for the Church in Austria- going mad about the memory of a dead Cardinal who sadly to say not single-handedly almost destroyed the Catholic Church in one generation. Unlike others of his contemporaries (even de Lubace to a degree!), he joined the Congar-Rahner group of the totally unapologetic.

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The Glory of the Latin Mass returns to Notre Dame


All of the congregation born post 1980!

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The Shame of Cardinal Mahony

Scantily clad women, two men kissing, and a transvestite in HIS former Cathedral.

October Month of the Holy Rosary


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Biggest coup for the Latin Mass yet

as celebrated daily in Our Lady of the Snows in Rome.

"In addition, it can now be seen that some altars in Rome are again being dressed with altar cards, an indication that more private Masses are being celebrated in the Old Rite in public view."

Time to recover them from the museum

Pope St Pius V is buried in the Basilica.

Bible and wine arriiva at a symbiosis

Flashback 2006 as Church given over to wine tasting.

Shows the quality of one of the theologians at the local university, who was an enthusiatic supporter of this venture.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Order must be restored II!

Ordination to the order of....





And the Major Orders




And for good measure



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