Monday, July 02, 2007

More news from Buffalo

Bishop betrays his own inheritance.:

"Kmiec is actively involved in recruiting Polish-born priests, but that won’t solve the diocese’s demographic challenges and overall priest shortage, he said. "

This is a straightforward untruth. He can have all the priests he wants from Poland and he knows it, given that they would not only be serving Polish communities but also the wider community.

What sort of Bishop wants to close America's First Basilica? Basilica of St Adalbert.

Demanding that parishes forget their identities forged by history has a whiff of Americanism whose adherents thought that the national virtues of America meant that the Church in America was a cut above all other national churches. One also thinks of Cardinal O'Malley's latest comments claiming an American exception to the forthcoming indult for the Latin Mass.

End of era at St. Rita's

Priest pressured by Diocese to retire and move in to close the Church. Shameful.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Just ask Mayor Mike Bradley.

In a recent interview with CBC radio about the St. Peter's Church closure, the mayor said lawsuits launched by children who were sexually assaulted by the Catholic clergy had contributed, in part, to the demise of St. Peter's.

It's a logically-drawn conclusion and one no one can argue with, but it's one that local sexual abuse survivors took exception to.

A lawyer representing victims of the notorious Father Charles Sylvestre an area priest who stole the innocence of so many young girls has publicly chastised the mayor for his comments.

One of his victims told The Observer that the mayor made the victims feel guilty.

That's easy to understand. The children that pedophiles prey upon suffer in silence for many years sometimes their whole lives reliving the dark inner tragedy that is the legacy of abuse.

It's a wound that never truly heals, so it's easy to see why survivors are sensitive to any suggestion the closure of St. Peter's Church could somehow be their fault.

The lawsuits are just part of the puzzle. A shortage of priests, huge inefficient buildings and a dwindling number of parishioners are all contributing to the Catholic Church's decline.

Mayor Mike Bradley is simply calling a spade a spade and his comments in no way, shape or form place blame on the victims of Father Sylvestre, or of any priest for that matter.

When it comes to its litigation troubles, the Catholic Church, including the Diocese of London, is merely suffering the consequences of its actions. Acts of pedophilia lead to lawsuits.

What the Catholic Church faces today is not unlike the problems of the Anglican Church when it was forced to respond to its own legacy of residential school abuse.

Settlements made to residential school survivors financially crippled that church.

It's too early to tell what effect the current round of lawsuits will have on the Catholic Church, even if it's clear what the impact has been on the victims of sexual abuse.

Heads held high

Rain or shine Italians walk on.

So much support, so just why did the Diocese close the Church?

Latin Mass

The complete introduction!

Feast of the Visitation


Feast that is intrinsically linked with the Feast of Our Lady's Expectation that falls on my birthday, December 18.