Saturday, October 21, 2006

The animals, the nuns and the wardrobe

Scenes from Benedictine life in America. Benedictines brought civilisation to the whole world, not look at their sorry state, exemplified by these Sisters of St Scholastica.

Nuns to a woman

Even though the clock is ticking on these children of 1968.

They just love dressing up

Nuns are meant to take leave of the world, not leave of their senses. The one in green is not of this world, but not in the classical sense, rather in science fiction.

You are my sunshine. Shades of the Wizard of Oz.

The elephant never forgets. But they all have forgotten the Faith.

They chickened out of real religious life years ago.

This is no Noah's Ark. There will be no dove, no rainbow, no falling back of the waters for this sorry crew.

My comments are strong but I suspect St Scholastica would have some even more direct comments for them.

As would St Benedict, seen here instructing his beloved Sister Scholastica.

Not least, the Founders would wonder what need they had of a Labyrinth when they followed the Rule written by St Benedict. Seen here the Labyrinth under construction.

Cathcon has already covered a similar outfit, The Doom (sorry that should be the Dome).

Responsibility for creation


as a pastoral task. All well and good, but what about the duty to save souls. You can't talk about justice unless you wish to save souls first.
And, a priest who practiced complementary medicine, "in the herb garden of the Lord".

There is a danger of using complementary medicine to the exclusion of regular medicine. This is analogous to the danger that the activity also becomes a substitute for the religious life of a monk.

How Catholics worship in Trier, Germany

A room prepared for a Youth Mass. Don't they have enough Churches? No problem spotting the Menorah but can you see the Cross?

Before Mass begins, let's get a closer look at the host that the priest will be consecrating and the chalice he will be using.
Are we all sitting confortably? Let Mass begin.

Priests of the Diocese on their way to celebrate an open air Mass taking the Paschal candle with them.

Twig worship has also spread from the Diocese of Linz to Trier as evidenced by this and another Mass. Do the traffic cones mark out the sanctuary?

Twig worship continues through the year.

If you are looking for pious books in Geneva

be careful not to go to Pius Buchs, the BMW dealer.

Flashback to 1834

Ursuline Convent trashed by protestants in Boston.

Bishop of Linz

now distances himself from the activities of his own Diocese.