Friday, April 22, 2005

ebay- sign the petition and circulate to everyone!

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"It is my intuition that eBay people would sell their mother, if they could find a buyer. But it is also my intuition that they cannot ignore this petition if many people endorse it. Please, sign the petition to eBay, and tell them to add the Eucharist to the "List of Items Prohibited for Sale". If you want to make a comment, tell eBay for instance that a consecrated Host is likely stolen property, and that they are at risk helping selling it."

The Petition - sign now!
It is the Mass that matters. The Little Child Jesus in the Host.  Posted by Hello
"Open your heart to Jesus and close it to everything else" Posted by Hello
The dignity of the Mass must be restored. The altar erected for the 1949 German Catholic Day, where no-one can have doubted the presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Posted by Hello
An old illustration of St George, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Posted by Hello

Life of St. George

from the Golden Legend.

St George's Day

May St George, the Bringer of Victory, pray for us! His Feast Day is today. Posted by Hello

Papal hymn

O Roma felix - O Roma nobilis.
Sedes es Petri, qui Romae effudit sanguinem,
Petri, cui claves datae sunt regni caelorum.
Pontifex, Tu successor es Petri;
Pontifex, Tu magister es tuos confirmas fratres;
Pontifex, Tu qui Servus servorum Dei,
hominumque piscator, pastor es gregis,
ligans caelum et terram.
Pontifex, Tu Christi es vicarius super terram,
rupes inter fluctus, Tu es pharus in tenebris;
Tu pacis es vindex, Tu es unitatis custos,
vigil libertatis defensor; in Te potestas.
Tu Pontifex, firma es petra, et super petram hanc aedificata est Ecclesia Dei.
O felix Roma - O Roma nobilis.

A translation (of sorts)
O Rome immortal, city of martyrs and saints,
O immortal Rome, accept our praises.
Glory in the heavens to God our Lord
And peace to men who love Christ!
To you we come, angelic Pastor,
In you we see the gentle Redeemer.
You are the holy heir of our Faith,
The comfort and pride of those who believe and fight.
Force and terror will not prevail,
But truth and love will reign.

Hail, O Rome, eternal abode of memories;
A thousand palms and thousand altars sing your praises.
O city of the Apostles, mother and guide of the elect,
Light of the nations, and hope of the world!
Hail, O Rome! Your light will never fade;
the splendour of your beauty disperses hatred and shame.
O city of the Apostles, mother and guide of the elect,
Light of the nations, and hope of the world!