Friday, February 15, 2013

O Roma nobilis- noble Rome!

Queen of the earth, 0 thou Rome of nobility, Thou the most excellent City of cities, Red with the rubrical blood of the Martyrs, 'White 'with the Virginal garments and lilies: Thee we hail as we come to thy portal Guard us, govern us, City immortal ! Marching we come, 0 celestial Key-keeper: Hear the prayer of thy pilgrims, 0 Peter ! And when thou sittest as judge of the nations Turn a favouring face on thy people: That as accepted in Heaven we may to thee Come at the last, who here on earth pray to thee. Hear thou also, 0 Paul, our pleading, Thou who patiently vanquished the heathen I Grant, we beg thee, a share of thy benefits, Thou, Dispenser of Heavenly teaching That as pilgrims we find our guide in thee God at length may bid us abide with thee