Monday, February 25, 2008

Celibacy stays

Cathcon translation of "Zölibat bleibt"

Within the Catholic Church, according to the assessment by the Benedictine Abbot Primate Notker Wolf, in the immediate future, there will no loosening of celibacy. "The Pope could not lay this down," he said in an interview of "Rheinische Post" in Dusseldorf. Since it would mean a change to a centuries long tradition of the church, the Pope would need the consensus of all the bishops. The last Synod of Bishops in Rome however had voted against a loosening of celibacy by a large majority. Between celibacy and a decline in entry into the religious life, the Abbot Primate sees no causal link. Those who enter a religious order, deliberately chose "divinely ordained celibacy." But one should also say, "that under the current societal influences the choice of a celibate life has become more difficult," said the highest-ranking representative of the approximately worldwide 8,000 Benedictines.

His latest book- What are we waiting for? but mercifully its all about German politics.

The Mass returns to the Pantheon in Rome


Bishop behaves like Bishop- shock- horror

Move by Bishop Braxton to block speaker called censorship

New Uses for Old Churches

"If you're looking for a good deal on a beautiful old building you might want to talk to the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Dozens of Western New York church buildings are up for sale because of the diocese's downsizing plan."

Vatican to 'review' taking of Communion in the hand

Further moves in the Benedictine closing down of the liberal Catholic agenda.

See Communion in the Hand and other Frauds by Michael Davies

But note- a reform of the reform is not necessary.

The original Stampa article. The Homily is not a show.

Cardinal dismisses

entire board of London Catholic hospital

The British Medical Association says that their code of ethics, in which it states that a doctor's personal beliefs should not interfere with treatment provided, takes precedence over the teaching of the Catholic Church on the sanctity of life. Don't make me laugh.