Sunday, August 15, 2004

Archdiocese of Liverpool- pastorally reorganising itself again. Not the first and not the last time.

Centuries of worship ended at location where the first Mass is recorded in 1425:

"Priests in hiding used to celebrate Mass in cottages that existed there during the Reformation and the Comte d'Artois, who became King Charles X of France in 1824, was a regular visitor and had a reserved stall there."

If a Diocese can close a site of such significance, they are capable of anything.

"The land, however, is subject to an age-old covenant given on the understanding that it should used for worship."

But what do the Diocese care? Not disimilar, to the protestants at the time of the Reformation who ignored the wills of the donors of chantry chapels instructing that Masses to be said in perpetuity for the repose of their souls.

"It is believed to contain among the tombs, the stone slab on which St (in fact Blessed) Richard Herst, a Preston farmer who became a Catholic martyr, was hanged at Lancaster in 1628. He was beatified in 1929."

The sense of history, which the modern Church lacks, drew the first Christians of Rome to construct their Churches over the tombs of the martyrs.

Archdiocese of Hartford closes St Laurent Church and School

but the former Parish Priest calls it an 'upbeat celebration of 100 years of Catholic education.' Wouldn't want this guy coming to my funeral.

In time honoured tradition, the Faithful were kept in the dark.

"Betts and parish finance committee member Jim Lamoureux said they did not know the cost of the demolition, the name of the company that did the work, or the exact date when parish officials recommended that the buildings be torn down when interviewed Tuesday. The archdiocese has the final say and ordered the demolition."

Pilgrim Pope joins the sick at Lourdes shrine

Our Lady of Lourdes,pray for us.

Assumption Parish to close

Reactions the same month as the Feast of the Assumption.

Closing parish offers up its light

Church of St Joseph closed on Feast of Assumption after 131 years.