Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Catholic Priest writes


The Infant in the title has a double meaning, either referring to Christ or to himself, now in retirement and welcoming all kinds of radicals to his home.

The proper title for Christ is Holy Child but for him Enfant Terrible.

Another in the Shrine to Judas tradition.

Cardinal Mahony needs to go back to liturgy school


Better still just retire in shame.

Thanks due for publicising this.

Cardinal Lehmann: I don't believe in Church.

From the programme Cross Questioned on the 7th March. Video of the whole of the programme here. Minute 43 onwards!!

There are more and more people who don’t believe in the Church or Christendom, who are skeptical…..


I do not believe in Church and also not

Interviewer interrupts
You don’t believe in Church

No, I believe in God

One can only believe in God in the end

Loud applause

I believe the Church is a tool, a place, and a means where God can realize what he wants to do in this time. The Church belongs only to a second rank, beneath God.

In the last resort, one can only believe in God because the Church is only a means to an end. The Church is holy and at the same the Church of sinners. One cannot talk about a belief in church, as one can talk about the belief in God. This is theologically the case and has been believed over many hundreds of years.

The Cardinal also speculated that one day the Catholic Church will cease to exist.

The atheist who he was debating wondered how this fitted with Church teaching.

A Church-hostile website has said that he is a "heretic", a word that does not fall easily from the lips of such a source.

The ever-excellent kreuz.netalso reporting on this story says that the reaction of the Pope and the other German bishops will be interesting.

The Cardinal himself on who and what has influenced him, not least Karl Rahner, who had the idea that "anonymous Christianity" was possible.

Cathcon provides a reality check for Cardinal Lehmann from

The Nicene Creed.
Et unam, sanctam, catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam.

The Apostles' Creed
Credo in Spiritum Sanctum; sanctam ecclesiam catholicam; sanctorum communionem; remissionem peccatorum; carnis resurrectionem; vitam oeternam. Amen.

St. Cyprian
"No one can have God as Father who does not have the Church as Mother"

And further his flock in Germany pay a Church tax, as a result of their Catholicism, in case he has not noticed.

And finally,
The Church, in which he does not believe, made him a Cardinal.

Cardinal Lehmann who would not, it has been said, been a Cardinal apart for the intervention of the man on the right, Helmut Kohl, the former German Chancellor.

Liberal leakers

in one last ditch attempt to stop the indult for the Latin Mass?

Looking on the bright side, if this really is a leak, the official press conference could be brought forward to tomorrow!

Indult for the Latin Mass- Second Poll!

The Indult for the Latin Mass?
Theologically necessary, politically neccessary
Theologically necessary, politically unneccessary
Theologically unnecessary, politically neccessary
Theologically unnecessary, politically unneccessary free polls

Less than half of Czechs for church property return

Or put another way, More than half of Czechs support theft of Church property.

Travelling in the Czech Republic, one finds so little Catholic faith and practice. There is the long shadow of Jan Hus, who was deliberatly promoted as a national hero by the Communist authorities. There is the perennial excuse of identifying the Catholic Church with the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Enough of dialogue, send missionaries!

Bishop, don't close my church!

"Bishop Edward U. Kmiec warned in the summer of 2005 that the Diocese of Buffalo had too many parishes and needed a radical reshaping.

Soon, Kmiec will unveil a glimpse of the reconfigured diocese.
He is expected to announce in the next few weeks the first of three waves of church closings, mergers and other actions to deal with a shortage of priests and huge shifts in where Catholics live within the diocese.

'We're going to do this. We need to do this,' the bishop said during a recent interview with The News.

Kmiec calls it 'right-sizing' the diocese."

Cardinal Lehmann apologises

Leader of Germany's Catholics deplores "ghetto" simile By Bishops