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My house shall be called a house of prayer

Comment rejected by accident

"God Our Mother"

Austrian monk discovered armed to the teeth including with a Kalashnikov

German Bishops veto appointment of leading layman

Islamic death threats against Head of German Protestants and Germany's Interior Minister

Openess to the world led to ruination and the grave

Prefering swastika to the Cross

Stealth deaconesses

Repent of heresy- SSPX to head of German Bishops Conference

Nothing short of shameful

Fight for the Faith in Paris

Replacement for Cardinal Kasper

Communists defeat Religion in Berlin

Hopefully nobody thinks Cathcon is a socialist

"Protestant Bishop's Final Battle in Berlin"

Archbishop regrets defeat of religion

Religion in schools takes a beating in Berlin referendum

Religion in schools takes a beating in Berlin referendum

Berlin referendum on religion in schools

Where have all the Catholics gone?

Are Islamic terrorists planning an attack on the Pope?

Fireworks when SSPX Seminarians from Zaitskofen come to Brussels

The Angelus

The Grand Mufti calls for a Holy War under the Swastika

The Real Cardinal Innitzer 1938

Ordination from the film "The Cardinal"

SSPX declare war

What does acceptance of Vatican II mean?

Cardinal Kasper urges reunification talks with SSPX

Where Archbishop Zollitsch picked up his error

New head for tumulteous Catholic university

Denial of Catholic truth by German Archbishop- a clarification

Cry Havoc and let slip the blogs of war

Supporter of Islamic teaching wants to be head of German Catholic laity

Dancing Austrian Religious Studies teachers

Feast of St George

Working Church in the Diocese of Linz

German ecumenical extravaganza to blow 20 million euros in five days

My house shall be called a house of prayer

Jesuits ashamed of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Innovative Ecumenical Liturgy of Focolare

Neo-Nazi crimes soar in Germany

Bavarian Bishops meet

Cardinal's former Advisor trashes Pope on BBC

What does ecumenism mean then?

"Pope must apologise before Middle East trip"

500 years ago today an immoral monster became King of England

Bishop Williamson investigation could still take months

Website for visit of Pope to the Holy Land

Feast of St Anselm (on right)

Almost Bishop Wagner speaks out

Heavy Metal Franciscan

Denial of the Heart of Catholicism by the Head of German Bishops

Trial of Pope live on Dutch TV, as I am blogging this

Deeply satirical- A Tribute To Our Modern Pastor

Saying goodbye to Blessed Sacrament