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My house shall be called a house of prayer

But you have turned it into a youth church climbing school.

Comment rejected by accident

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"God Our Mother"

Bishop of Linz stands by while two yards away heresy is loudly proclaimed.

Horrific video of a bishop in office but no longer in power.

Apostolic visitation now!

Austrian monk discovered armed to the teeth including with a Kalashnikov


KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

A Tyrolean monk hoarded weapons for years in the Monastery of Wilten- now the whistle has been blown on the whole thing, there is a police report and the brother himself is relieved and says: "I am now happy and relieved that finally all the old stuff from the flea market has gone"

The Monastery responded on Wednesday to the media reports about a brother, who apparently has hoarded weapons within the enclosure and then published a clarification. They said that in the course of necessary building alterations on Monday, 27 April 2009 the collection of weapons assembled over the years were discovered in the room of a monk. "We have responded to this immediately and without delay informed the National Security Directorate. On the same day at our request, the goods were registered and secured. Our brother who deeply regrets the whole thing has of today's date withdrawn from his service as chaplain and religious studies teacher until the results of a civil law process are known. He asserts credibly that the weapons have never been used and further asserts that he has been striving for twenty years to try to get rid of "this collection”.

The monk was keeping safely according to media reports, 43 pistols, 12 rifles and ammunition. A Kalashnikov (machine gun) is in the collection. "I am now happy and relieved that the old stuff from the flea market has finally gone. I have not touched the stuff for 20 years and had almost forgotten about it," said the priest in conversation with the "Tiroler Tageszeitung".
Cathcon- I blame the lack of any liturgical sense in Wilton- see photo above.

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German Bishops veto appointment of leading layman

Church bishops prevent appointment of accepted enemy of the Church as top German layman
See Supporter of Islamic teaching to be head of Catholic Laity

The German Bishops' Conference has denied in advance their agreement to the planned future President of the highest level German lay organisation.

The German bishops hace voted against Heinz Wilhelm Brockmann (61) as President of the lay body 'Central Committee of German Catholics'.

This is reported by the 'Catholic News Agency'.

Brockmann is the CDU State Secretary in the Hessen State Ministry of Culture. On 8 May, he wanted to be permited to be chosen as the only candidate to the Presidency of the Central Committee.

The statute of the lay organisation requires that the Bishops' Conference support the election of a new president with a two-thirds majority.

The Central Committee has already asked before the election for the confirmation of the Bishops' Conference.

But the bishops refused Brockmann their consent at their meeting earlier this week in Würzburg.

The Bishop of Osnabrück, Mons. Franz-Josef Bode said the vote was "very regretable".

His spokesman, Hermann Haarmann said Mons. Bode thinks that Brockmann was "well qualified" for the senior position.

A spokesman of the Central Committee expressed "deep concern” about the rejection. The event was unprecedented in the history of the body.

The committee are currently consulting on what action to take.

Dark past

Brockmann has been active since the 70s for various church hostile organisations. He is close to the 60s nostalgia groups “Popular Church” and “Church from below”.

He is also cofounder of the expectant mothers’ counseling organisation 'Donum Vitae' which is hostile to life. This provides counselling certificates which can be used to obtain a legally recognised abortion.

The Church’s decision against their involvement with the abortion industry Brockmann called a "disaster".

Islamic death threats against Head of German Protestants and Germany's Interior Minister

Report here

Islamists have called on a German website for the murder of the participants of the Islamic Conference, "Bild"-Zeitung reports. Associated with the call are photos of German Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, the Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, Ayyub Axel Köhler, and Head of the Protestant Council, Bishop Wolfgang Huber.

The German Islam Conference was founded in 2006 by Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and to improve the dialogue between the German state and Muslims living in Germany over a period two to three years. As well as fifteen politicians, many Muslim representatives participate. On the website, whose name "Bild" did not publish the participants of the conference were condemned as "sons of monkeys and pigs". The Constitution Protection Office gave an internal warning to the security authorities. Why Bishop Huber is one of those threaten, the "Bild" report did not specify.

A "YusufQ" called for murder of participants in the conference with a verse from the Koran: "slaughter them! So Allah will punish and humiliate them by your hands and help you against them and to bring healing to the hearts of a believing people." The Constitution Protection Office said, according to "Bild", the verse is incorrectly translated, and it really says in the Qur'an: "fight them ..." instead of slaughtering them. "

In the same forum, the four suspected bombers of the so-called Sauerland Group are glorified with a verse from the Koran: "Surely your Lord will take your evils from you and take you into gardens through which rivers flow." The four suspected terrorists are currently on trial in a court in Dusseldorf. In this context a photograph of the presiding judge in the Dusseldorf Upper Regional Court is shown. The caption stated: "Is there still life there or is it just a shell of an inwardly empty, ugly doll?"

In Germany alone, there are some 3.4 million Muslims. Only about 15 percent of them are in the five nation-wide active Islamic umbrella associations.

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Openess to the world led to ruination and the grave

New film tells tragic story of Belgium's Singing Nun | World news |

As a Belgian newspaper had it this week, the sister responding to the call of the Second Vatican Council to be open to the world, felt the need to leave her convent.

One wonders how many more besides.

But look on the bright side, she showed "fully acceptance of the Council", as the German bishops are so fond of requiring.

The Dominicans closed the convent, it is now a den of Catholic charismatics in a world of their own, like the Singing Nun, whose brilliant hit will be eternally tainted by her memory.

Prefering swastika to the Cross


from Austrian Times – Swastika priest

Fr Tam who the articles refer to was already drummed out of the SSPX for a variety of offences before he was photographed giving Nazi salutes.

Told the guy in the picture is not a priest but a sacristan.

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Stealth deaconesses

Ruf nach katholischen Diakoninnen - München -

Call for Catholic deaconesses
For women in the Catholic Church, the office of priest is closed- but now the Union of German Catholic Women calls for official permission at least for women to serve in the diaconate. This step is overdue said a press release on Monday in Munich of the Baverian Regional Union. For the Union the diaconate of women is a needed sign that women and men are at an equal level of service in following Christ.

Repent of heresy- SSPX to head of German Bishops Conference

FSSPX.INFO - Priesterbruderschaft St. Pius X. Deutschland

SSPX urges immediate withdrawal of false doctrine publically proclaimed by Archbishop Zollitsch

On Holy Saturday, the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Robert Zollitsch, on "Horizons" (HR, 11. 4. 2009) denied the expiatory nature of the suffering and death of Christ. God through the suffering of his son, only showed solidarity with humanity in order to stand by them them in suffering and death. Indeed Jesus had taken on the sins of the people. He had not atoned for them, but but only born them from a sense of togetherness out in order to come close. False, indeed heretical, is the denial of expiatory sacrifice required by the Father. This denial according to the clear teaching of the Church can be seen as heresy! The Archbishop is hereby urged to withdraw his false public statements.

The crucial passage in the interview reads:

"You would now no longer describe it in such a way that God gave his own son, because we humans were so sinful? You would no longer describe it like this?"

"No. God had given his own Son in solidarity with us unto this last death agony and to show: so much are you worth to me, I go with you, and I am totally with you in every situation”.

Thereby the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference and Archbishop of Freiburg, Robert Zollitsch denies a dogma of the church. If he not withdraw this denial he runs the risk, according to canon law of formal heresy.

The doctrine of this church is clear:

The meretricious cause is the only begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ, "when we were enemies," [Rom 5.10], "because of the great love with which he loved us" [Eph 2,4], through his holy Suffering on the Wood of the Cross merited our justification [Ch. 10], and to God the Father, has made satisfaction for us (Council of Trent, DH 1529).

From Pius X. the decree "Lamentabili" the following sentence is condemned as modernism: "The doctrine of Christ’s expiatory death is no teaching of the Gospels, but only Pauline" (DH 3438).

The testimony of Scripture is inexhaustible. Here are just a selection:

"Now that we are justified by his blood ... we were reconciled by the death of his Son" (Rom 5.10).

"He has our sins in his body on the wood taken to Himself so that we, being dead to sin, are made righteous" (1 Pet 2.24).

"By his wounds have you been healed " (Is 53.6).

"This is my blood, shed for many for the forgiveness of sins" (Matt. 26.28).

To summarize, this can be said that Archbishop Zollitsch makes out of the expiatory sacrifice in reparation a " victim in solidarity " Christ suffers from a sense of community as therapeutic companion in our troubles, but not because the need of salvation from sin exists.

We therefore call on the Archbishop of Freiburg and chairman of the German Bishops' Conference to make an immediate retraction. This statement must be described as a heresy, and as setting aside the doctrine of the Catholic Church because from the mouth of a leading bishop it causes serious harm.

We hope that the clarification of this statement will occur publicly and in the next few days.

Nothing short of shameful

Cleveland: Church closing to displace 92-year-old pastor

Fight for the Faith in Paris

RORATE CÆLI: Secularist Parisians try to snuff out SSPX Pilgrimage Mass

Replacement for Cardinal Kasper

as head of the Pontifical Council for promoting Christian Unity is rumoured to be Bishop Ludwig Mueller of Regensburg. Probable and allegedly are the words being used following a story in the magazine Focus which depends on an anonymous Vatican source. An alternative is appointment as the Rector of the Lateran University. The Pope clearly has other ideas about who should become Archbishop of Cologne in due time.

He is already a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and was a member of the International Theological Commission from 1998 to 2005.

Indicators are that he took over from Cardinal Kasper the lead role in the international Catholic-Lutheran dialogue and he has just been appointed to the Pontifical Council for Culture.

In his own pasture of Regensburg, the Protestants respect his theological competence but do not like him, especially since he snubbed their Regional Synod in November last year, a supposedly "ecumenical must"!

He is not to be confused with a Protestant pastor of the same name who was put in charge of the Reich Church by Hitler, who was nothing if not a convinced ecumenist!One church for Germany was the cry at the time.

Rather the contemporary Bishop Mueller is known as one of the most conservative of German bishops, punching not only to the left, but also to the right, as witnessed by his combative stand towards the SSPX.

Whatever the case, a Cardinal's hat is waiting for him in the not too distant future.

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Communists defeat Religion in Berlin

The results of the Pro Reli referendum by Berlin region.

Turnout followed by percentage yes, percentage of yes votes of the total of those eligible, percentage no, and spoilt papers.

Now compare these results with the map of Berlin

Now compare these results with the map of Berlin.

Lower turnouts in the East, all former Communist parts of East Berlin voting against and all of West Berlin voting for.

Two interpretations- either East Germans are rejecting what they see as another imposed ideology after they so enthusiastically embraced first Nazism and then Communism or all those years of atheistic indoctrination worked, "Religion is the opium of the People". But is it then democracy?

What a world we live in! There are now restaurants in West(!) Berlin where you can "relive the East German experience". Clearly the residents in the East have still not got over communism.

Hopefully nobody thinks Cathcon is a socialist

Because I am not!

"Protestant Bishop's Final Battle in Berlin"


As one German newspaper article describes the activities of the soon to retire leader of the German Protestants, Bishop Huber who I was once told was to be seen more often in a TV studo than a church.

As the article goes on to say

"Still there are five hours until the polling stations close. In the evening, the bishop wants to go to the election party for Pro Reli in the Catholic Academy. In the afternoon, it looks quite obvious, that it would be more of a funeral than a party."

Archbishop regrets defeat of religion

News-Ticker -

Zollitsch regrets defeat for "Pro Reli"

The chairman of the German Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch has regreted the defeat of the Berlin Initiative "Pro Reli". He appealed to the Senate to seek a religious-ideological model of education which seeks "to take the freedom of religion more into account and a broad consensus in society ." This should be done in conjunction with "Pro Reli, the churches and the Jewish community and the Muslim associations . But never before had faith and religion been so explicitly present in the streets and in the debates in the public square, as in the past few months, said Zollitsch.

Religion in schools takes a beating in Berlin referendum

Klares Votum bei Volksentscheid : Berliner erteilen 'Pro Reli' Abfuhr - Politik - STERN.DE

Angela Merkel, Günther Jauch, Arne Friedrich: Plenty of celebrities supporting the initiative "Pro Reli", sought to introduce a relgion as a religion elective course in Berlin's schools. It did not work: The Berliner did not let themselves be impressed by celebrities.

In Berlin, religion is still not a regular school subject. The referendum has clearly failed. The majority of voters affirmed this after counting of more than 95 percent of those polling on the initiative "Pro Reli" according to the returning officer. So in Berlin in the future the students will go to ethics courses introduced three years ago. The classic religious education remains a complementary subject.

With an estimated turnout of 28.2 percent, nearly 710,000 cast their votes in Berlin. With counting completed of 95 percent of the vote 51.3 percent of the participating Berliners said "no" and only 48.5 percent "yes". That was for the initiative "Pro Reli" significantly less support than expected.

For a success of the initiative not only the majority of the participants should have voted for it, but also 25 percent of all voters. That would have been 611,422 voters. Indeed, they only achieved about 14 percent of the votes. (Cathcon- 33 percent pay church tax- where were they all?)

Initiator Christoph Lehmann admitted the defeat: "We clearly have not achieved the quorum." For Berlin's Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD)(Cathcon-Berlin’s openly gay and socialist mayor) after the vote on Tempelhof Airport, a year ago, this was the second political success in a referendum.

The citizens' initiative Pro Reli had ensured the referendum take place with a petition. The Berlin Senate governed by Socialists and former Communists in alliance (Red Red!) in 2006 had decided that in the classes of years seven to ten classes of common ethics would be compulsory for all pupils. The government argues that, given the cultural diversity of the metropolis, there should be a common ethical foundation. Religion can also voluntarily studied as a complementary subject. The churches complained, however, because of the already high number of hours expected of the student that this was unrealistic. "Pro Reli" had won many prominent supporters, including Chancellor Angela Merkel and presenter Günther Jauch.

Cathcon: as I once told the Anglican Archdeacon of Merioneth, studies of comparative religion makes one comparitively religious, to which he replied "Christopher, you ring as true as a bell". The Communists and assorted other socialist miscreants do not Berlin to become even comparitively religious.

One also has to remember the decades long irreligion in the Eastern part of the city.
But ask the wrong question and you get the wrong answer.

Religion in schools takes a beating in Berlin referendum

More soon. Ask the wrong question, get the wrong answer.

Berlin referendum on religion in schools

Volksentscheid Pro Reli - Beteiligung ist in Steglitz-Zehlendorf am höchsten - Berlin - Berliner Morgenpost

22.6 percent voted by 16.00. Polls closing this very minute. Results expected 20.30 ish.

Pro Reli (the pro-campaign supported by the Catholic Church) needs a majority and at minimum 25 percent of the eligible voters. Just to clarify the rules of the game.

Things looking bad for religion in Berlin.

Where have all the Catholics gone?

Volkentscheid - Berliner beteiligen sich nur zögerlich an Pro Reli - Berlin - Berliner Morgenpost

Catastrophically low turnout in Berlin referendum on wheher to introduce religious instruction in schools, alongside the already existing requirement for ethics. Note however it will be an agreed syllabus and not specifically Catholic. It includes learning about world religions. It has been enthusiastically supported by the Church.

To be successful the initiative "Pro Reli" needs the participation of 1/4 of the more than 2.4 million eligible voters that is 611.422. The turnout was lower at lunchtime than an earlier unsuccessful referendum about the airport.

Results later on Cathcon! Polls close at 18.00 - results shortly afterwards.

Are Islamic terrorists planning an attack on the Pope?

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The Israeli secret service does not want Pope Benedict XVI during his trip to the Holy Land to travel in the open "Papa Mobile" through Nazareth. There were indications of an attack planned by Islamist groups, "Haaretz" stated on Sunday.

A delegation from the Vatican have told the Israeli authorities that the Pope thinks direct contact with the people in Nazareth us desirable. "Haaretz" reported with reference to secret service sources, that Islamists in northern Israel had been distributed pamphlets calling for a "disturbance" of the Pope's visit and an attempt on his life. The planned visit to Nazareth on 14 May falls on the same day as the commemoration day of the Palestinians of the formation of the State of Israel. Therefore, there will be unrest in Arab villages. This prepares the security authorities for further trouble.

Moreover, renovation and construction of the planned stops of the Pope's visit have not yet been completed. The biggest problem was a cattle pen which has not been cleared at the site where Benedict XVI will hold the largest Mass during his Holy Land trip. According to "Haaretz", there are still disputes over the number of the believers expected to attend each Mass. While the Ministry of Tourism speaks of 10,000 participants, the Mayor of Nazareth is hoping for 40,000 pilgrims. In the Latin Patriarchate, 30,000 participants have been mentioned.

The pope will travel in early May to the Holy Land. The visit will last from 8 to 15 May, firstly going to Jordan and then to Israel and the West Bank

Fireworks when SSPX Seminarians from Zaitskofen come to Brussels

But only after Mass!

St Michael, Patron Saint of Brussels

Full Church filmed for a documentary on Belgian TV May 20th

In the sanctuary

At the CreedLast GospelPrayers for the King
Recession under the patronage of St Francis, who rebuilt the Church

Tierce chanted shortly before lunch

SSPX surveying the field

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The Angelus


The Grand Mufti calls for a Holy War under the Swastika


Room to let

Anyone wishing to rent a room right in the centre of Brussels should email Latin Mass every day 30 metres away!

The Real Cardinal Innitzer 1938


A scene from the film the Cardinal.  Cardinal Innitzer is played by the all time greatest actor, Josef Meinrad.

Realising his epic mistake at welcoming in the Nazis, he preaches that Catholics have only one Führer and His Name is Jesus.

Interestingly while it certainly does not excuse the original mistake, Cardinal Innitzer was from the Sudetenland, the German speaking part of Czechoslovakia that Hitler claimed- in fact, mostly Austrians from the days of the Empire.

When the Catholic youth of Vienna were the Catholic youth of Vienna.

It is my firm belief that the subsequent trashing of the Cardinal's palace scarred Cardinal König for life and influenced the Council - the determinant of Austrian church policy since has been not to get their property done over by anti-clericals of which there are many of a rather vicious kind in Austria.

And Innitzer in his last days, Corpus Christi 1955.  The organised marching is by Student Associations in their official uniform.

And for those that understand German, the great film Bockerer- this and ten other parts on Youtube- gives a good idea of life at the time.

Ordination from the film "The Cardinal"


An excellent film apart from the  Americanism that catches fire in the last moments of the film.

SSPX declare war

And go into battle armed to the teeth - with Rosaries

What does acceptance of Vatican II mean?

Brilliant article from Professor Spaemann

The success of future talks with the SSPX depends largely on whether the parties can agree about the Second Vatican Council. The questions are not new: even after the secession of Lefèvbrists, the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei discussed the controversial issues with traditional believers. But what is to be understand that someone should unreservedly stand on the basis of the Councl? The demand for full recognition of all the conciliar texts will also be sought from people who for their part are far away from meeting this requirement. The following article examines this dilemma.

For Members of the SSPX, who are serious about the desire for reconciliation, there are two problems. The first relates to the liturgy. Archbishop Lefèbvre refused to recognize the celebration of the Mass according to the books of Paul VI. The fact that the new Mass is "The Mass of the Council" an assertion supported by frequent repetition is not true. As an Mass of the Council, implemting the Council decision, the then Cardinal Secretary of State presented the Missal of 1965 which disappeared a few years later into the closet and was replaced in 1970 by the "Novus Ordo Missa". This new Mass Rite and even more so the actual current Mass practice are in obvious contradiction to the multiple pronoucements of the Liturgy Constitution of the Second Vatican Council, which was also accepted by Archbishop Lefèbvre.

However, the rite of Paul VI was introduced by legitimate authority, and its legality and validity can be no doubt. Even John Paul II had withdrawn the ban on the old Mass (though Benedict XVI said that it had never really existed) and urged the bishops to show "generosity" to the Faithful who felt themselves attached the Old rite. Generosity was not forthcoming when Benedict XVI responding to a petition of 70 000 Catholics not affiliated with the SSPX, gave all believers a legal right to the Mass in the now officially legitimized " Extraordinary Use " and gave each Roman Catholic priest the right, without any further authorization, to celebrate the holy Mass in the old form to celebrate. He himself when serving as Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Faith at least twice celebrated the old Rite, including the Easter High Mass once in the circle of theSt Peter’s Fraternity in Wigratzbad and once at an annual meeting of the lay association Missa Pro Tridentina. His current decision, he gave on his own conviction - motu proprio -, but it also fulfilled one of two conditions attached by the SSPX to establish dialogue.

To belong to the Church and reject the Mass of the Pope? No!

The problem that the Brotherhood still has to recognize the validity and legitimacy of the "new Mass". What they must no doubt must recognise contrary to their current practice is that every Catholic's “Sunday obligation” is met they attend a celebration of the new Mas, provided that they are actually celebrated according to the books of the church. Other acts of recognition may be required, such as the use of the consecrated Host in the tabernacle which originate from a Novus Ordo Mass or the receiving Communion in the Mass of the local bishop. The idea is absurd that someone could belong to the Catholic church, but reject going to a Papal Mass and out of his hand receiving Communion. That must be clear to the SSPX. Concelebration cannot be required as the Council stressed.

The demand for "full acceptance of all the conciliar texts" sounds strange, however, coming from the mouths of priest who openly express their contempt for the extraordinary use, ie the old Mass. So, to cite just one example, a prelate, Dean and Cathedral Vicar, to the question of a believer asked if he would not even once use the first Eucharistic prayer, the Roman canon,replied: "To summarize, I would not even do this under torture ". One should know in this context that the Council of Trent specifies excommunication of anyone who accuses this canon of being defective.

The second condition of the SSPX, the lifting of the excommunication, the Pope fulfilled only when it was no longer put forward in the form of a condition, but as a humble request. Also, the Pope stated the excommunication was not invalid from the outset, but it is now ended in its effect.

"Adoption of the Second Vatican Council" will be a condition of the Church on the SSPX in the future talks. So has Pope Benedict XVI formulated it in his letter to the world’s bishops on March 10. The German Bishops' Conference who have by canon lawn no right to authorize or prohibit anything made the conditions for a dialogue stricter, by talking about "complete acceptance" of the Council. But what does "acceptance" mean? Here lies the second problem of the SSPX, but also that of most of their opponents. Adoption can mean the council is not treated like a robber synod and put in the dock (as was done Lefèbvre), but it is legitimate, convened and presided over by the Pope and thereby to respect its declarations, constitutions and decrees as a legitimate act of the highest ecclesiastical authority.

“Fully accept", but it may also mean full and unconditional agreement to all the decisions of the council. So the call to the SSPX from the German Bishops' Conference sounds, and it will be understood by many in this way. This understanding, however, is wrong. If it were correct, then should a significant part of today's Catholic theology professors and also bishops be excommunicated, and if not at least suspended. Because they do not even think of such a complete adoption of the Vatican as they require from others. Those in glass houses should not throw stones. Even the small council compendium of Karl Rahner and Herbert Vorgrimler cheerfully censured those texts of the Council which do not comply with their own theological ideas. I will cite some examples of open dissent and disobedience, which have so far never faced sanction.

1. First, there is the denial of credal sentences, repeated in the Second Vatican Council, but which already have been defined by previous Councils, and belong to the firm belief of the Catholic Church: the doctrine of the Divine Trinity, the doctrine of the divinity of Jesus Christ and his virginal conception, the nature of the cross of Jesus' death as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins which is formulated in the words of Jesus at the Last Supper and is the central point of all the apostles are preaching. The council used the word "Mass" about twenty times. The application of "God's Song of the Servant " of the prophet Isaiah to Jesus, is a topos of Christian preaching in the Acts of the Apostles. By disputing this interpretation by Catholic theology professors (including one Guardini Prize), and even bishops will of course also render obselet the interpretation of the Mass as a re-enactment of the sacrifice of Christ and thus the concept of "Mass" . The sacrificial character of the Mass was made a dogma by the Council of Trent. And the Second Vatican Council used the word "Sacrifice of the Mass" about twenty times.

The necessity of the Church for salvation needs again to be recognised.

2. The Second Vatican Council speaks of the necessity of the Church for salvation and of the sole mediation of Jesus Christ and formulated it thus: "Whosoever, therefore, knowing that the Catholic Church was made necessary by Christ, would refuse to enter or to remain in it, could not be saved" The fact that Christ, always keeps open salvation iw taught by the highest authority of the church with the gift of infallibility in faith and morals, is also stressed by the Second Vatican Council. Nevertheless, a skeptical relativism and pluralism of today is represented by a significant number of theologians. One can so proceed.

3. There the celibacy of priests, indicated as a precious gift , whose maintenance priests and believers are urgently and insistently implored to pray for . Is it an unfortunate coincidence that I have never heard in the last forty years, a call to prayer, let alone a common prayer in the church which has been concerned with this?

4. The daily celebration of Holy Mass for priests is no longer self-evident. In some places priests have made single celebrations impossible, while the council writes, "the daily celebration of the work of our redemption is strongly recommended. It is also not necessary for believers to be present for the celebration to be an act of Christ and the Church. Who of those who demand "full acceptance" of all the conciliar texts have accepted the texts cited here?

5. And when the decree on the formation of priests said that young theologians should learn "with Saint Thomas as a master" "to more deeply speculate on the mysteries of salvation", it is also obvious that this remained a pious wish.

6. As a touchstone for the recognition of the Second Vatican Council often the position on the Decree on the Church and the world, Gaudium et Spes, is cited. One of the duties contained the constitution reads: "Relying on these principles, sons of the Church may not undertake methods of birth control which are found blameworthy by the teaching authority of the Church in its unfolding of the divine law." In the Königstein statement, the German Bishops' Conference many years ago stated the opposite. A similar statement was published by the Austrian bishops in Mariatrost. Few pastors have publicly criticized "the sin of the bishops" (Cardinal Schönborn) Many priests and teachers of theology are resolutely opposed to the quoted phrase of the Vatican Council.

7. The council has banned any liturgical innovation that will not be justified by "safely anticipated" spiritual benefits. It has confirmed Latin as the language of the Roman liturgy, and permitted the use of the vernacular only for parts of the Mass – the liturgy of the word was meant. It has indicated Gregorian chant as the specific choral of the Church and supported the idea that the faithful would be able to sing their respective Latin texts. It said that the priest "at the head of God's people" bears prayers to God, and not that the direction of his prayer is reversed and he faces the people. That the priest is not the host of the Communion but the first reception, who administers the gift which he has received, gives rise to the understanding that the Communion of the Faithful takes place after the priest. No council father would also come up with the idea bring about the disappearance of the Nicene Creed, which connects us with all the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican churches and which the Protestant confirmation candidates today learn, and replace it by the Apostles Creed. But this has happened. It was formerly the case that any Catholic who went to the Mass memorized the great creed. "Full adoption of the Council"?

The greatest difficulty seems to the SSPX to be the decree on religious freedom, which for the SSPX which seems to contradict at its core the traditional teaching of the Church seems to contradict it. That it can be consider a break, can the SSPX and passionate defenders of the new church teachings on religious freedom such as Ernst Wolfgang Böckenförde agree. For some, this is an argument for breaking the illicit nature of the new hypothesis for the other an argument against the binding nature of Tradition. Indeed, the Council fathers failed to relate the doctrine of this Decree to tradition. Only the introduction states that the doctrine of religious freedom, "does not depart from the traditional Catholic doctrine of the moral obligation of individuals and societies towards the true religion and the only Church of Christ." This means that any interpretation of this new doctrine, in opposition to this sentence is contrary to the intentions of the Council if one can speak here of a specific intention. In this case, therefore, any harmonization efforts mist be supported, as mainly in France has been attempted with success (notably in the Roman dissertation of Basil Valuet, a monk of the Abbey at Le Barroux, which bears the title "Le droit à la liberté religieuse dans la tradition de l’église? ") In any case it seems that the challenging of the traditional doctrine of "the obligations of society towards the one true Church" stands in opposition to the council text which follows. Only a "hermeneutics of the Council" (Benedict XVI) can assist and lead to a consensus. The dialogue, which started here is laborious. In the best case, it will lead to a deepening of the Church's doctrine of civil freedom of public worship. However, this is matter of disagreement, without any practical significance.

For multi-religious societies, the principle of tolerance applies

The religiously homogenous state has long lost its status as "societas perfecta". We live in a global multireligious society, as Gorbachev saw clearly when he said of the Communist Party that ideological homogeneity is not possible anymore. For such a society, Pope Pius XII formulated the tolerance principle. The situation is comparable to the lifting of a half millennia old ban by the Church of loaning money at interest, which was then, for example, passionately opposed by the Dominicans. The only thing was: interest in a modern monetary economy is no longer the same as the interest rate, which I require as a loan to a brother who is in distress.

The difference for the SSPX is no longer a question of whether but why they will turn to religious freedom - freedom of religion, either based on personalism or from the needs of the common good. The result is the same. Also a purposeless dispute about principle. But this is the idea of Wittgenstein: "A wheel which by rotating does not turns others does not belongs to the machine.

The success of the talks with the SSPX is far from certain. But from the outset to describe the matter as "unlikely" is not appropriate. Where it comes to the power of the Holy Spirit works through a reconciliation, Christians are not given to pessimistic or optimistic calculations of probability, but to pray and to seek a miracle. The Christian faith is a faith of miracles. It relies on the word of the Lord: " If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father from heaven give the good Spirit to them that ask him?."

Cardinal Kasper urges reunification talks with SSPX


Unification talks between the Vatican and the traditionalist SSPX, according to the words of Cardinal Walter Kasper Curia could still begin this summer. "You cannot forever delay," said the President of the Pontifical Council Unit on Friday 24 April, in Trier. The SSPX would have to affirm the decisions of the Second Vatican Council and the Catholic catechism. "There is no way out," said Kasper. He was, however, against ultimatums.

The withdrawal of the excommunication of four bishops of the SSPX led at the end of January to serious Catholic-Jewish resentment. One of the four, the Briton Richard Williamson, denies the Holocaust. Kasper said the community should make steps towards the Vatican. The objective is, as far as possible to bring them back into the church and not to risk a permanent split. The Cardinal accused the SSPX of a "rigid traditional understanding".

Friday, April 24, 2009

Where Archbishop Zollitsch picked up his error.

explained in an essay by Avery Dulles SJ:

Some recent authors deny that sacrifice is a central concept in the Bible. Karl Rahner expresses doubts about whether Jesus interpreted his own death as an expiatory sacrifice. Rahner finds the idea of sacrifice in some late New Testament texts that were overinfluenced, in his view, by primitive notions that have subsequently been transcended. Reinterpreting the event for the modern consciousness, Rahner expunges the concept of propitiatory sacrifice and substitutes his concept of symbolic or quasi-sacramental causality, to which I have already referred.

Should come as no surprise, Zollitsch was the favoured candidate of his predecessor (who resigned early to prevent the newly elected Archbishop of Munich getting the job) Cardinal Lehmann. Cardinal Lehmann was Rahner's research assistant. Rahner's principal philosophical influence was the Nazi Heidegger.

New head for tumulteous Catholic university

Neumarkt: Bischof Hanke "entmachtet": Bishop Hanke "removed from power.

Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Munich has taken over the Chairmanship of the Foundation Council of the University of Eichstätt from Eichstätt Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke .

The chairman of the Bavarian Bishops' Conference takes the reins at the Catholic University in the hand. Prior to the university statutes being reformed, said Marx. Bavaria's Catholic bishops agreed this in their spring assembly in Altötting. Last year At the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt massive staff infighting occured after Bishop Hanke vetoed an already elected new University President.

Denial of Catholic truth by German Archbishop- a clarification


Original interview here.

A guest commentary by Father Bernward Deneke FSSP on statements made by Archbishop Robert Zollitsch about the "sacrifice of Jesus"

Last Holy Saturday, the Chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, the Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zollitsch had still the time to take part in a TV interview in the middle of his certainly multitudinous obligations. The discussion in the programme arrived at, along with the only too well known themes, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Many Christians can have been only happy about the Archbishop’s clear proclamation of the empty tomb. At the same time, they showed themselves to be not a little disturbed about the meaning which the ecclesiastical dignitary gave to this central event of salvation history.
Now it is certainly appropriate, even necessary, to offer to the religiously uprooted people in our days help in understanding such a mystery as the death of the Son of God. And that these are not to be immediately dissected under the dogmatic microscope, set on the theological gold weighing scales, and then judged after closest and most rigorous criteria is to be understood in itself.

The question is only how far one can go to bring closer to the faith those standing at a distance, and whether one can not merely temporarily exclude the essential content of Christian revelation but may also even explicitly deny it.

What exactly did Archbishop Zollitsch express? When asked by his interlocutor, whether one could still say that Jesus died for the sins of the people, he replied, Jesus was "did not die for the sins of the people because God needed a sacrificial offering, like a scapegoat," He had much more "shown solidarity with us as humanity, with our suffering, with our death unto the last".

The idea that the Incarnate God truly has borne with us our sufferings is moving and with which Christians have always been familiar. To express it, you can also use the somewhat flat-sounding fashion and nondescript word "solidarity" that is an artificial entity from the Goethe era, and means as much as "firm commitment".

But Zollitsch’s words give rise to the question of whether Jesus has suffered not only with us but especially for us. The connection of the suffering Son of God with the Old Testament scapegoat may be problematic, but what about the name of Christ as the "Lamb of God, which bears and takes away the sin(s) of the world " (cf. Jn 1.29)? And His own statements and those of His Apostles, which clearly emphasis His death as a sacrifice for our sins?

The question must also have preoccupied the television journalist, because afterwards he added: "You would now no longer describe it in such a way that God gave his own son, because we humans were so sinful? You would no longer describe it like this?"

And here the amazing response from the Archbishop of Freiburg: "No. God had given his own Son in solidarity with us unto this last death agony and to show: so much are you worth to me, I go with you, and I am totally with you in every situation". The word 'no' is here too much - and therefore, what the archbishop says on the death of the Lord is decidedly too little!

Fed by the plethora of Old and New Testament revelation, and supported by the continuous preaching of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas pointed out that the Death on the Cross of Jesus obtains our salvation as satisfaction, as victim, as merit and as ransom. It is beyond the scope of this contribution to deal more precisely with this and it is rather only supported by scriptural citations and witnesses from tradition. The crucial point can be briefly cited: The Lord has in His suffering and death performed a true sacrifice for our sins and thereby has become the efficient cause of our salvation.

His "solidarity" - if one wishes to use this word - goes far beyond just "taking up what I have been blamed for, including the evil that I have caused, and also to take it back into the world of God and hence to show me the way out of sin, guilt and from death to life "(Archbishop Zollitsch). Christ is not merely assisting overcoming suffering, a therapeutic companion in need, a helper in the search for meaning. Rather, "He was wounded for our iniquities, he was bruised for our sins: the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and by his bruises we are healed. " (Isa 53.5). He has blotted out the handwriting of the decree that was against us, which is imputed to Him in His Passion on the Cross (cf. Col 2.14). His life He gave as a “a redemption for many "(Matt. 20.28), and so we are actually ransomed “ with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb unspotted and undefiled” (cf. 1 Pet 1.18 f.).

We are deprived of these iron truths where the solidarity of the suffering of Jesus with us is affirmed, but no praise can be heard for the wonderful deliverance from the bondage of sin, Satan and death. People ask especially for this message precisely in our often God remote era.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cry Havoc and let slip the blogs of war

featuring a "kindly Catholic blogger"!

Supporter of Islamic teaching to be head of German Catholic laity


hr-online Artikel drucken: Brockmann bald Stimme der Katholiken?

State Secretary Heinz Wilhelm Brockmann (CDU) who wants to introduce into the schools in Hessen lessons about Islam, could soon speak for millions of German Catholics. H3 confirms his candidature for the leadership of the lay group, ZDK to hr-online.

Central Committee of German Catholics
He will be a candidate on 8 May in Berlin in the election for the office of the President of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK), Brockmann said on Wednesday to hr-online. There would not be an opposing candidate, according to the ZDK. Brockmann’s election is therefore likely (Cathcon- so much for democracy).

The ZDK is the organization of the laity in the Catholic Church. It has held, inter alia, the well-known Catholics Conferences. The 61 years old Brockmann says that in the next few years, the question will be above all: "How do we want as the Catholic Church in Germany in the future?" He had been invited to stand by a number of people.

Candidacy supported by Regional Prime Minister Koch
The 61-year-old Brockmann has been eight years Vice President of the ZDK. In Hessen, the CDU member has been since February Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture. Minister Dorothea Henzler (FDP) had taken him from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture, not least because he had pushed for the introduction of controversial Islamic teaching. (Cathcon- he would not be senior enough to stand unless he had got this role- which depended on his support for Islamic teaching- but guess he really supports it himself)

Brockmann said that the voluntary work as ZDK President and his work as Secretary of State "can be put under the same hat." His candidacy was agreed with Henzler and Prime Minister Roland Koch (CDU) i. Both had no objection.

Tension over the policy of the regional government
Some of exchanges of hostility in the regional government could give rise to tensions should Brockmann become ZDK president. Thus the critic in the CDU of of the Islamic teaching, the Christian conservative CDU MP Hans-Jürgen Irmer, would argue at once against the most highly placed Catholic layman. In February, Brockmann defended Islamic lessons with the comment that it is not written in the Constitution that religious education is only provided for Christian children

Brockmann repeated to hr-online, that it was a question of whether 60,000 Muslim children in Hessen had the same opportunity to have religious education. His post in the ZDK plays no role in this. The matter of Islamic teaching is based on the coalition agreement of the CDU and FDP (Cathcon-Christian Democract and Liberal coalition partners in Hessen)

Co-founder of Donum Vitae
Brockmann’s political origins are seen as conservative. He also jointly founded for pregnant women Donum Vitae for Pope John Paul II, the way around for the church from forced guidance. Observers believe that not all bishops would be pleased about his choice. Brockmann said that he had in recent years established discussions on a trustworthy basis with the bishops.

According to media reports, Brock's candidacy,is especially supported by Diocesan Councils. He should also have numerous critics. Brockmann said, the ZDK is the largest Catholic lay organization in the world. It was also important that the Catholics participated in civil society - and the topics ranged from climate and educational policy to ethical behavior in their own investing. He thinks it depends "what we want to do and need to do."
(Cathcon- no surprise no mention that the laity might be concerned about the Passion of Our Lord)

Studies at the University of Frankfurt
Brockmann studied in Frankfurt, theology, philosophy and politics. Later he worked as a journalist and as a teacher. In 1986, he took up a post in the Saxony Ministry of Culture, where he was Department Head until the beginning of 2009, inter alia, responsiblefor "educational innovation and churches".

Cathcon- he has also written a book about the Church in modern society and one about Church work at the grass roots in Brasil- doubtless a lover of liberation theology.

Dancing Austrian Religious Studies teachers

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Feast of St George


From the Golden Legend
This blessed and holy martyr S. George is patron of this realm of England and the cry of men of war. In the worship of whom is founded the noble order of the garter, and also a noble college in the castle of Windsor by kings of England, in which college is the heart of S. George, which Sigismund, the emperor of Almayne, brought and gave for a great and a precious relique to King Harry the fifth. And also the said Sigismund was a brother of the said garter, and also there is a piece of his head, which college is nobly endowed to the honour and worship of Almighty God and his blessed martyr S. George. Then let us pray unto him that he be special protector and defender of this realm.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Working Church in the Diocese of Linz

A former weaving factory.

German ecumenical extravaganza to blow 20 million euros in five days

from Evangelischer Pressedienst (epd) - Landesdienst Bayern (Protestant Press Service).

Archbishop Marx: Ecumenical Church Conference is an international event

Approach presented to Munich city representatives

Munich (epd). The Second Ecumenical Church Day 2010 in Munich, according to the Munich Catholic Archbishop Reinhard Marx, will be a major international event with guests from all over the world present. He called on the city and citizens to give the guests an open and hospitable reception. "It should be a cheerful and encouraging ecumenical Church Conference," said the archbishop on Monday evening to city and district councillors ., Marx conveyed explicitly to the meeting the greetings of the Bavarian Lutheran bishop Johannes Friedrich. The Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, and the Protestant Regional Church are jointly hosting the event.

The Secretaries-General of the Ecumenical Church Conference, Ellen Ueberschär (Protestant) and Stefan Vesper (Catholic), presented their plans to the local representatives. The laity meeting, to which more than 100,000 participants are expected will take place between 12 and 16 May 2010 with a biblical theme "Thereby you have hope" (Cathcon a misquote of 1 Peter 1:21 that your faith and hope might be in God- omits the Faith!) will take place. There are around 2,500 planned event with the goal that ecumenical cooperation, the Christian identity and also the dialogue of religions should be strengthened. The contents are currently being considered in various project committees said Ueberschär. "There will be a huge interest in social issues," she added. (Cathcon- this does involve the Catholic Church in Germany who before anything else are “Sozial”. )

The prelude to the Church Conference will be several services celebrated throughout the city, and an associated invitation to a "night of encounter". The colorful street party with up to 500 booths and 16 large stages the organizers expect will attact a total of approximately 400,000 guests, including many visitors from the city and surrounding areas. The central venue of the Church Conference will be the exhibition halls in Riem. In the city centre over the five days, there will be numerous events.

The Ecumenical Church Day is jointly organized by the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK) and the Bureau of the German Protestant Church Day (DEKT). At the top of the organisation are the two presidents, Hans Joachim Meyer (ZDK), and the Bayreuth Medicine Professor Eckhard Nagel. The Church Conference according to their own estimates will have a budget of around 20 million euros. The First Ecumenical Church Conference with more than 200,000 participants took place in 2003 in Berlin.

(Cathcon- leading to a priest, Gotthold Hasenhüttl being suspended for a joint “Eucharist” with Protestant ministers).

Cathcon- what a waste of money- but this is the counttry where their Bishops' Conference meets in a five star hotel even when there is a large enough monastery nearby.

My house shall be called a house of prayer


but you have turned it into a post office.

Jesuits ashamed of the Most Holy Name of Jesus


Rendering Unto Caesar -

Innovative Ecumenical Liturgy of Focolare


In Protestant Cathedral of St Matthew in Munich.

Neo-Nazi crimes soar in Germany

from the Daily Telegraph

Given German sensitivities on these issues, the context makes a Bishop Williamson prosecution more likely.

Bavarian Bishops meet

Bayerns katholische Bischöfe stehen vor einer Richtungsentscheidung - Kursbestimmung in Altötting - Nachrichten -

Today Bishop Reinhard Marx drove through Munich, and he thought as he relates: "Oh, it could be worse for me." He has arrived in a beautiful city where he has been received in a friendly manner. Marx– also because of his opinions on the financial crisis – has become the most important representative of Catholicism in Bavaria and officially became chairman of the Bishops' Conference in Freisingerstrasse a year ago. And many committed Catholics think like Marx that it could have been worse.

The Catholic Bishops of Bavaria begin their spring meeting this Wednesday- they are preparing the Ecumenical Church Meeting in Munich in 2010 and will discuss how the Catholic University of Eichstätt will continue to operate, where a new direction and a new approach must be found. They have an important personal decision : looking for a new head office director for the Catholic Office which represents the seven bishops in the regional government. The previous head, Peter Beer has become the Vicar General in Munich - a good as personal of theArchbishop of Munich. And something else is new: The bishops will meet this time in the Diocese of Passau Altötting; so far has been the venue has been Freising. Now, you are always in the spring in the dioceses drive, officially to bring the church closer to believers. "Interpret it as meaning nothing," said Marx, when he refers to the new rotation of location.

That means that interpretations exist. For example, that this is a signal in the direction of the brothers is official: I am against you, so also are loyal to me. Bayerns Bishops' Conference is a difficult Assembly - nearly all the members would have liked to become archbishop in Munich, and then came along the self-confident Westfalian.

In recent years, during the tenure of Cardinal Friedrich Wetter especially the bishops Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Regensburg, and his brother office holder Walter Mixa Weather from time to time came out publicly against the Cardinal - the hardliners felt the 80-year-old Cardinal to be too little combative. Since Marx, up to know there have been no rifts.

He has often referred to as a nationally recognized social expert - and he is within the Church accommodating towards Mixa and Müller. This was demonstrated especially in the dispute over the SSPX and their anti-Semitic tendencies (Cathcon-tarring the SSPX with one brush). Many German bishops north of the Main were appalled by the appreciation of the traditionalists by Pope Benedict XVI. - The Bavarians, mainly at the instigation of Bishop Mueller alleged a media campaign against the Pope.

When in Hamburg, the German bishops consulted on how to react to the breakdown of the Vatican , Bavaria prevented a clearer explanation. In Regensburg Bishop Mueller threatened three professors with sanctions because they had signed a Pope-critical statement, and Bishop Mixa made headlines nationwide with an unfortunate speech on Ash Wednesday, both of which exacerbated the tensions between Christians and Jews. "The Bishops' Conference on Freisingerstrasse plays well off to the right," the liberal Rabbi Walter Homolka stated angrily in the specialist periodical Herder Correspondenz.

Altötting The meeting will provide important clues as to the direction of the Bavarian episcopacy. Who will be the head of the Catholic Office- a person who is deeply involved in political disputes? How will the future profile be of the Catholic University of Eichstätt? How much ecumenism will the Ecumenical Church Meeting dare to undertake? On Friday Marx will present the results of the consultations.

Cardinal's former Advisor trashes Pope on BBC

From The Hermeneutic of Continuity

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What does ecumenism mean then?


from KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

“Astonishing” for ecumenism

The Diocese of Fulda is "disappointed" about an interview of the Protestant Bishop Martin Hein on current defection of Catholics to the Protestant church.

The Diocese of Fulda has expressed its regret over an interview by Martin Hein, Bishop of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck. "It hurts the diocese of Fulda, when Catholics turn their backs on the Church. In this context, the Protestant Bishop Martin Hein stated in an interview that Catholics critical of the Pope associate themselves today more with the Protestant Church, rather than just leaving the Catholic Church.

The reader gets the impression that Bishop Hein is not without a certain amount of satisfaction said, as he pointed out that the Catholic Church on Joseph Ratzinger's election had surfed on a "wave of media interest".

This adds Bishop Hein is a fundamental criticism of the papacy from a Protestant church. These statements are astonishing and disappointing for all those who take ecumenism to their heart, deplored Diocesan spokesman Christof Ohnesorge (Cathcon- his name literally without worries or without concerns!)

"Pope must apologise before Middle East trip"

net-tribune: Jordanische Muslimbruderschaft fordert von Papst Entschuldigung

Jordan's influential Muslim Brotherhood has demanded from Pope Benedict XVI before his planned trip through the Middle East, an apology for his controversial statements about Islam . Before the Pope comes to Jordan, he needs to resolve these tensions with an unequivocal apology , said the spokesman for the organization of Muslim hard-liners, Dschamil Abu Bakr.

Benedict in September 2006 in Regensburg cited a medieval work in which some teachings of the Islamic prophet Mohammed were described as "evil and inhuman" The controversial statements led to worldwide protests. The Pope later expressed his regret and distanced himself from the controversial passages. Benedict is in the Middle East, from 8 to 15 May . Amman is his first stop.

500 years ago today an immoral monster became King of England


Bishop Williamson investigation could still take months

Ermittlungen gegen Bischof Williamson dauern an - München -

An end of the investigation of the British Bishop Richard Williamson due to alleged racial hatred is not in sight. Williamson denied the Holocaust in an interview with a Swedish television station . According to the Local Public Prosecution on Tuesday, a mutual assistance request is being made to Sweden to interview the responsible journalist. The TV reporter recorded the interview at the seminary of the controversial SSPX in Regensburg . When the investigators will receive an answer from Sweden, is still completely unclear. This could still take months, said Chief Prosecutor

Cathcon comment
There is an election due in Germany in September.

The Bavarians don't want to embarass the Pope and the attacks on the Pope not least from Angela Merkel, generated by the Williamson affair have been a source of tension in Germany's coaltion which includes the Bavarian CSU and the CDU from the rest of Germany. The socialists don't care except that they will all think a prosecution will be brought. The Bavarians would like to drop the case, but not at the expense of breaking away from their coalition partners.

However, if it looks as if the CDU and the FDP (the Liberals) are going to form a government there is no political gain out of a prosecution, so it will be quietly dropped. The Bavarian Justice Minister will claim that prosecutions are not decided politically- in this case, she can dream on.

Website for visit of Pope to the Holy Land

link here

Feast of St Anselm (on right)


Almost Bishop Wagner speaks out

Reactions – Menschlich sehr eigenartig

Humanely very peculiar

Mons. Gerhard Wagner of Linz has talked in public about his defenestration. The perpetrators were a crowd of cunning and cowardly paleo-liberals, slanderers and breakers of the oath of celibacy. The paleo-liberal Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn hopes that the Auxiliary Bishop of Linz appointed in January, Mons. Gerhard Wagner, would be silent in public.

The Austrian magazine 'profile' reported on 20 April.

But that would not be the way of Mons. Wagner - commented the magazine and goes further:

"He sits in his office at the rectory, avoiding no question, and says what he is thinks about the real circumstances in which he - who the Pope had already appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Linz - was forced to resign."

"Homosexuality is not normal"

The allegedly "great influence" of the Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn on the Pope was not the reason - denied Mons. Wagner, to the tabloid newspaper 'Krone'.

Mons. Wagner has maintained his criticism of the controversial novel "Harry Potter".

Also, he says that homosexuality needs healing: “Homosexuality is not normal."

And: "Healing is a positive term."

Catholic is forbidden

Mons. Wagner even attacked the murderous abortion laws and criticized the “fabric softening” Austrian Bishops:

"I say that today in the church one may no longer say what is Catholic. Have the bishops already greatly conformed to politics as well? "- he asks rhetorically.

In addition, Mons. Wagner knows that there is a connection between spiritual pollution - such as gay perversion - and natural events.

Mons. Wagner does not believe in the cuddly God propagated by the faithless clergy: "I put all my money for it, when anyone promotes the biblical position, where the speech of God is love."

The loving God who does everything the people want, "because he is so popular, does not exist" - stresses of Mons. Wagner.

There is the God of love - but He also shows us the means of punishment. "

Shot down from crevices in the Church

Against his appointment as Bishop was there an "organized resistance", which – he gives as analysis the Linzer deans joined.

The reason was a dispute about Catholic direction: "Since I am a priest, I do not go along with the Linz Way."

The expression "Linz Way" refers to the decades-long reconstruction of the Diocese of Linz by a collection of paleo-liveral, anticlerical diocesan bureaucrats.

This path is not Catholic and divides the Church - Mons. Wagner said: "That's why I was shot down."

Bishops without a backbone

Even the bishops "collapsed" - mainly Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz:

"He confirmed to me many times that he is pleased about my appointment. But when it came to implementing it, he felt quickly hounded, and he has nobody to help him."

"When you sit so isolated in the bishop’s residence and it becomes difficult to implement things, you get fear of doing anything."

The bishop was afraid of public opinion and of the pithy statements of his newly appointed auxiliary Bishop - betrays Mons. Wagner.

Paleo-liberals shrink from dialogue

His enemies were working out of the ambush.

Nobody had dared to speak with him: "neither the chapter nor the dean, nor anyone else sought an interview with me before the resignation."

He spoke with Cardinal Schönborn on the phone a few days before the appointment. The cardinal congratulated him and welcomed him to the Bishops' Conference.

But even that was apparently a ruse: "A few days later he convened the special meeting by the bishops - because he already knew what should occur." - recalls Msgr. Wagner:

"He had called my bishop and said, you should resolve matters quickly, so that the session can run smoothly."

Cardinal’s intrigues

To Mons. Wagner, Cardinal Schönborn only spoke into the air: "Even up until now, he has not been in contact." (Cathcon- no surprise- he sacked his (I think) vicar general with a note under the door)

Mons. Wagner found this "humanely very peculiar."

"But he also probably has the fear, tha as Cardinal he will be damaged" - presumed Mons. Wagner.

Was there really no escape?

Mons. Wagner knows that no one "really" could force him to resign.

But at a certain point, he noticed "that a constructive working will not be possible and there is no way out."

Paleo-liberal Lies

The trigger: Mons. Wagner's malevolent enemies planned three days before his episcopal consecration to spread the lie that he had paid for a pregnant unmarried mother to have an abortion.

Mons. Wagner's comment: "Because I knew then that the lies were going to go further. That I no longer wanted. "

The Linz cathedral chapter was sent an anonymous note t: "It was a very interesting rumour."

The bishop had "terrible fear" that this could be made public.

His career as a Bishop Mons. Wagner does not mourn: "I am satisfied in my heart, and I prefer the people in my parish to the anonymous cathedral."

One reason for his assasination had probably been about money: "In the church there is always concern about money. The talk was of a wave of resignations. "

Monday, April 20, 2009

Heavy Metal Franciscan


Reuters Report

"I don't play to draw people closer to Christ, to the Church or religion, I do it to convert people to life!"

Odious betrayal of St Francis

Hat tip to Clare

Denial of the Heart of Catholicism by the Head of German Bishops

Reactions – Das Herzstück der christlichen Religion geleugnet

Some would call this heresy with a smiling face.

For the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference who has fallen away from the Catholic Faith, the crucifixion of Christ is just a psychological support in suffering. On Holy Saturday, the Archbishop of Freiburg and head of the German Bishops Conference, Msgr. Robert Zollitsch, denied the Expiatory Death of Christ.

Archbishop Zollitsch said this in an interview with Meinhard Schmidt-Degenhard on the program "Horizente" of the German TV station 'Hessischer Rundfunk',

Christ "did not die for the sins of the people because God needed a sacrificial offering, like a scapegoat" - said the archbishop.

The Saviour had simply expressed "solidarity" with the suffering of the people even to death

He had shown that even suffering and pain were taken up by God. According to Mons. Zollitsch "that is this great perspective, this tremendous solidarity," that he went so far that he suffered all "with" me.

Schmidt-Degenhard added after this: "You would now no longer describe it in such a way that God gave his own son, because we humans were so sinful? You would no longer describe it like this? "

Archbishop Zollitsch confirmed his fall from the Catholic faith with a clear "no":

"God had given his own son in solidarity with us unto this last death agony and to show: so much are you worth to me, I go with you, and I am totally with you in every situation."

Finally, the archbishop said one’s own sins were responsible that Christ "has become so involved with me". (Cathcon- he seems to row back a tiny way here, but nothing like as far as his original denial went).

"He has become involved with me out of solidarity – from free will."

Christ had "taken up what I have been blamed for, including the evil that I have caused, and also to take it back into the world of God and hence to show me the way out of sin, guilt and from death to life."

The Archbishop denies the pastoral council

The video on the website '' caused such outrage that nearly seventy reader comments on the statements of the Archbishop were made

They call on Msgr. Zollitsch to finally recognise the Second Vatican Council.

The Pastoral Council says - in line with the twenty preceding Dogmatic Councils - in several documents, that Christ made atonement for the sins of the people.

The reader "Gregor" wrote in the comment part of '' that the bishops call on the SSPX to fully recognise the Second Vatican Council:

"At the same time, however, the chairman of the German Bishops Conference, himself one of the loudest anti-SSPX bawlers, denies in front of running TV cameras a fundamental truth of faith."

A priest with the username 'Poldi' said that his "sermons of the past Holy Week, would have to be all chased through the shredder."

Reader Catharina finds the statements "essentially more scandalous" than the statements by SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson.

Reader Sonnengesang rejoices that in one week Pentecost arrives and the Holy Spirit comes.

Readers' Quis ut Deus brings the matter sharply to the point:

"This bishop is unfortunately fallen ... we pray for him!"

Trial of Pope live on Dutch TV, as I am blogging this

Catholic Church Conservation: Pope found guilty in TV show trial

Deeply satirical- A Tribute To Our Modern Pastor

YouTube - A Tribute To Our Modern Pastor

Saying goodbye to Blessed Sacrament


"This church has been a blessing to the community, the elderly and the children," Wisor said.

Two of the priests celebrating the Mass, the Rev. Andrew Corona and the Rev. Mick Popil, grew up in the Blessed Sacrament parish.

Declining congregation membership and lack of financial support led to the sale of Blessed Sacrament property to Gary Lighthouse Charter School last year. The charter school now uses the original parish school building that opened in 1963.


"The world has changed. We have changed. We have grown older. We've gone from over 900 families to 150 families," she said. (Cathcon- and the families became smaller as well!)

Melczek said the church interior was "showing its age. It's very expensive to keep it in shape." Blessed Sacrament's vestments and vessels will go to the Rev. David Link to use at Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, Melczek said. Other religious artifacts, including the huge crucifix that hung over the altar, will be offered to parishes in the Gary Diocese

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Abbot Primate of the Benedictines in Concert- I love rock n'roll


My best friend!

And with Deep Purple

Our Lady of Victory Basilica & National Shrine


another beautiful altar sent to Cathcon!

Former Queen of Peace church to become mosque, youth center

from The Buffalo News

A Muslim group has purchased the former Queen of Peace Catholic Church, rectory, convent and school on Genesee Street and plans to use the complex as a community center and mosque.

The church, by the architects who designed the landmark Buffalo City Hall, will be called Masjid Jami, which means a space to gather together, said Dr. Hatim Hamad, who is leading a group of Muslim parents backing the purchase.

The deal is further evidence of a growing Muslim presence throughout Western New York, which already has nine mosques and a 10th being built on Transit Road in Amherst."

The Gloriified Body of the Resurrection

As imagined by an art exhibition in the pro-Cathedral in Brussels. As CS Lewis once said, modern humanity is too easily satisfied. Clearly, they have a reduced expectation of the great glory that will be revealed.
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The Many Sides of Father Theobald

Cartoons illustrating an invitation to a Mass celebrating forty years of priesthood in Austria.

Clearly a man from the Class of '68! Acting any human role that one could wish apart from the most important one, In Persona Christi.
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Most undignified altar

Not as if they cannot see the grandeur of the original behind. Church of the Recollects, Estinnes, Belgium.

Close up

Choir stalls supporting the statues for the Procession of St Ursmer on the morrow

Real alter used as flower table- particularly egregious example.