German Bishops' Conference gives prize to anti-church propaganda

German Bishops' Conference spends 5000 euros on self-demonisation of the Catholic Church with the Catholic Media Award. The bishop's baton is now in the hands of the media. A commentary. 

By awarding the prize, the Church is preparing the ground for the "new" Church by creating an atmosphere in which what is in fact controversial becomes what is apparently self-evident.

This year's Catholic Media Award goes to the LGBT documentary that showed the coming out of 100 people. What else is there to say about it? Except that it leaves you speechless and the words literally stick in your throat? There are people sitting in a self-affirmation bubble and throwing balls at each other. They seem to have lost all critical distance to themselves, but basically they must know very well what they are doing: To finally squeeze the Synodal Path into the desired restricted area and prepare the ground for the "new" church by creating an atmosphere in which what is in truth controversial becomes what is apparently self-evident.

Award for anti-church propaganda

In plain language: the awarding of the prize is a self-dismantling of the Catholic Church. The German Bishops' Conference (DBK), which awards the Catholic Media Prize, gives an award (from our church tax funds) for something that is diametrically opposed to church teaching, in other words: not Catholic but political - and ideological.

"The catechism is not a party's basic programme".

This is not art, this is mainstream. Completely risk-free for the makers because they are depicting something that has been pushed and promoted by politics, media and society for decades. One can only take one's hat off to all those who have come out of the closet and have thus taken the risk of being dismissed, since their way of life violates current church law. However, it would mean even more risk and require more courage to make a film about the teachings of the Church in the form of brilliant, wonderful testimonies and to present the Church in a positive light, to uphold the right to life, to praise Christ. 

Propaganda against the Church

This LGBT documentary as well as the awarding of the prize now bring the church to its knees. It must finally change or better still, abolish herself. This is pure propaganda against the Catholic Church. Moreover, the Church - goes along with it. The majority of German Bishops, who are supposed to stand for the Catholic Church, including its teachings and tradition, and who promised at their ordination to pass on the teachings unadulterated and unabridged - these Bishops are now doing the complete opposite by supporting something that totally distorts and falsifies the Catholic understanding of marriage and sexuality. 

One can already see the letters of the word "Catholic" falling down the back of the table, while a "social-ideological" gleefully spreads itself on the chief's chair. The right thing would have been to put the brakes on and say: Stop, dear ones. This has gone too far. We stand for this teaching, that is Catholic sexual morality, that is Christian marriage. Show the flag? Stand up to it? Take up the shepherd's crook and lead the flock following in Jesus' footsteps? Or do some bishops themselves no longer know who they are, for whom and what they stand for?

What we have here is a magnificent example of what departure does not mean. What is happening here is a break. The church is breaking with herself. Not (all) shepherds say where things are going, what the Church is and means, but the media, to whom they have handed over their shepherd's baton, do that now. And for this they receive 5000 euros. Congratulations. 


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