Financing promised for the engine room of schism and heresy in Germany

Joint Conference discusses the progress of the Synodal Path

Working Groups planned - financing discussed

The Joint Conference of the German Bishops' Conference and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) has discussed the implementation of the decisions of the Synodal Path. It supports the proposal of the Presidium of the Synodal Path to form six Working Groups which, within a manageable period of time and with the involvement of existing structures, will develop proposals for the tasks jointly assigned in the resolutions of the German Bishops' Conference and the ZdK:

(1.) A model order for the participation of the people of the Church in the appointment of Bishops will be drawn up (Action Text "Involving the Faithful in the appointment of the diocesan bishop", The Synodal Path Number 7). 

Cathcon: A bishop to get elected has to become a politician appealing to the local Church; precisely what a Catholic ecclesiology avoids.

(2.) A collection of best practice examples for a humanly convincing handling of suspended and dispensed priests on the part of the dioceses will be documented and work will be done on binding, legally secure regulations for the acceptance of dispensed priests into pastoral ministry (see Action Text "The celibacy of priests - strengthening and opening", The Synodal Path Number 11). 

(3.) A handout for blessings of couples who love each other is prepared (see Action Text "Blessing celebrations for couples who love each other", The Synodal Path Number 13). 

(4.) Further work is done on the topic of "Dealing with gender diversity" (see Action Text "Dealing with gender diversity", The Synodal Path Number 15). 

(5.) The topic "Sacramental ministry of people of all genders" will be pursued further (see Action Text "Women in sacramental ministries - perspectives for the world church conversation", The Synodal Path Number 16). 

Last but not least, 

(6.) a Working Group is being put together to submit a proposal for the constitution of the Synodal Council, which will be further discussed at the first meeting on 10/11 November 2023 and should lead to a decision (see Action Text "Sustainably strengthening synodality. A Synodal Council for the Catholic Church in Germany", The Synodal Path Number 10).

Together with the clarification of the questions of content, the financial questions were also addressed. On 20 June 2023, there had been no unanimity in the plenary assembly of the Association of Dioceses of Germany (VDD) for the release of financial and human resources to continue the work of the Synodal Path. Following the decision, however, 23 (arch)dioceses declared that they would provide funding for the continuation of the Synodal Path.

Dr Irme Stetter-Karp, President of the ZdK and of the Synodal Path, reiterated her conviction that without adequate financial and personnel resources for the Synodal Path Committee, no substantial work to implement the decisions of the Synodal Path would be possible. Bishop Dr Georg Bätzing, President of the German Bishops' Conference and of the Synodal Path, promised to press ahead with the search for a reliable financing model.

Source German Bishops' Conference website