Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cardinal Secretary of State wants dialogue with critics of the Pope

Parolin for dialogue with critics of the Pope
The discussion about the "Correctio" of the pope continues. While Cardinal Secretary Pietro Parolin wants to go to meet the critics, Cardinal Marc Ouellet defends "Amoris laetitia".

Criticism of the Pope
Cardinal Secretary Pietro Parolin has spoken out for the dialogue with conservative critics of Pope Francis. "It is important to be in dialogue with each other," said Parolin on Thursday at the Vatican, according to the Italian news agency ANSA. If one does not agree in terms of content, one must try to "understand each other", said the "number two" of the Vatican.

Parolin, among other things, referred to the criticism of 62 priests, theologians and laity in "Amoris laetitia", formulated in a letter to the Pope. This demanded a correction of several alleged "heretical" passages. Among the signatories is Bernard Fellay, Superior 

Cardinal Marc Ouellet sees an "alarmist" interpretation of "Amoris laetitia".

The Vatican Prefect for the Bishops' congregation, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, has also spoken about the critics. He accused them of interpreting the document "alarmist". On the occasion of the annual meeting of the Canadian bishops in Cornwall, the Cardinal of the Curia said that the assertion that Francis had broken "with the tradition" and made it easy to admit divorced divorced to the sacraments, did not correspond "to the Pope's text and intention. The former Cardinal of Quebec held that Francis was not concerned with doctrine, but with a different pastoral activity. The "key to interpretation" of the papal document can be found in the eighth chapter. "Amoris laetitia" which must also be understood "in its entirety".

Quellet described the teaching as an attempt to re-introduce the joy of the Gospel to cultures far removed from faith. "This is especially urgent in Canada," added the Cardinal. There is the gap between the official doctrine of the Church and the "lived experience of couples and families". Without pastoral change, the Prefect said in his speech before the 80 bishops, it is impossible "to create a climate of welcome, listening, dialogue and compassionate grace".


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