Saturday, February 07, 2009

SSPX is no place for sede-vacantists

Cathcon has learned that Fr. Abrahamowicz has held positions close to sedevantism for the past few years and has manifested within the SSPX his strong disagreement with the improvement of relations with the Holy See.

His recent equivocal statements on the gas chambers are just the last straw for the SSPX who, while others seek the limelight, have the best interests of Christendom close to their heart.

How he did not welcome the lifting of the excommunications

Archbishop Lefebvre expelled a tranche of sedevacantists from the SSPX- a providential decision- otherwise the situation now would be intractable. If nothing else has been proved in the last weeks is the unique role of the Papacy in the defence of Christendom. Oh that the post-Conciliar Popes prior to Benedict had understood this as well as the Pope!
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