Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bishop Williamson wanted to stop the broadcast

Reactions – Bischof Williamson wollte die Ausstrahlung verhindern

The General Superior of the Fraternity, Bishop Bernard Fellay, sent a fax before the broadcast to the television:

"It is shameful, to use an interview about religious issues to discuss secular and controversial issues, with the obvious intention of the work of our religious society disfiguring and slander."

Bishop Williamson also had sent a letter to the television station before the broadcast.

His lawyer said: "We call on you not to publish in whole or in any Part, the interview on the Internet or otherwise ."

I suspect legally this would mean that the Bishop if convicted would get a fine, rather than a prison sentence. Maybe the court could not convict. It may also mean that the TV station themselves are in legal trouble.

Any German or Swedish lawyers out there?

The publication violates the fundamental rights of the client, in particular his legal personality. Mons. Williamson had given the interview for use in the documentary.
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