Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bishop Williamson refuses to apologise for the moment

AFP: L'évêque négationniste Williamson refuse de s'excuser selon le magazine Spiegel

A bishop who questioned the existence of gas chambers in the extermination camps has refused for the moment to take back his statements despite an appeal from the Vatican, reports the German magazine Der Spiegel in the edition to appear Monday.

The negationist Bishop whose statements caused a great deal of emotion throughout the world, especially in Germany has said he must study the historical proof before retracting his positions.

"If I find the proofs, then I will issue a correction of the positions taken" stated the Bishop "But that will take time" he added.


Williamson renewed his criticism of Vatican II saying it was responsible which had provoked "the theological chaos we see today".

Cathcon- when you're in hole, it is advisable to stop digging.
Another report in Germany says Catholics are leaving the Church is droves, more concerned about the odious comments of an eccentric bishop than the salvation of their own souls.
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