Friday, February 13, 2009

Holocaust Revisionism

The Adversary wants to see holocaust revisionists on both sides of the Catholic and Jewish sides of the fence.

A great comment piece from a great editor of a great newspaper.


The Subsidiarity Institute said...

Great observation from a great blog. I agree 100%. Michael Matt has written an essay to remember! He understands that "it may be difficult for some to understand that Williamson is here attempting to do the right thing," by reviewing the evidence and that "He is obviously aware that a false recantation to ‘save his skin’ would ring hollow with everyone, especially those most offended by his statements."

Very acute observation, very sound reasoning.

Kudos without reservation.

Dolorosa said...

Catholic, Michael Hoffman Answers Michael Matt’s Essay, “Holocaust Revisionism”

We Must Bear Witness Unto the Truth