Friday, February 13, 2009

Central Committee of German Catholics call for police checks on SSPX schools

Reactions - Nachrichten: Katholische Laien: Schulen der Piusbrüder prüfen - Deutschland

Leading German organisation for the Catholic laity: Check the schools of the SSPX
The schools of the archconservative SSPX should be closely monitored considered by the Catholic laity organizations closely monitored.

The President of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK), Hans Joachim Meyer, said in the SWR television program "2 + Leif" on Monday evening: "If the investigations reveal, that principles are held that are incompatible with the liberal constitutional order then one has to ban them. "According to research for" Report Mainz ", the SSPX receives from the state a nationwide total of 1.1 million euros for its four schools. In the same program the Munich historian, Michael Wolffsohn, called for an end to state subsidies: "Not a cent, not a penny of support."

Wolffsohn, a member of the Jewish religious community in Munich called on the Vatican to prevent the return of the archconservative SSPX. In "2 + Leif", President Meyer of the ZDK said that the attitude of the SSPX "in relation to Jews and other religions" was utterly beyond discussion. Meyer does not believe that the SSPX will agree to the conditions of the Vatican to return to the Catholic Church and recognise the Second Vatican Council (1962 - 1965).

Meyer advised the Pope, " to introduce a collegial advice system into the Vatican." For Wolffsohn, the system of the Pope was tending in this direction: "The slips of the Pope personally are piling up. Because one can only say with Shakespeare: Although it is madness, it has method."
Cathcon: where does it say in Vatican II that the police should be invited to check up on Catholic schools.
Now it has become acceptable to pour insult upon insult against the Holy Father. First it was this attack, to which the accusation of madness is added.
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