Friday, February 13, 2009

Central Council of German Jews decides who is a Catholic

Knobloch: Piusbruderschaft gehört nicht in die Katholische Kirche - Nachrichten -

Knobloch: SSPX does not belong in the Catholic Church

Even after the recent condemnation of the Holocaust by the Pope the Central Council of Jews in Germany expect further action against the traditionalist bishops. Now is the time "for actions, not speeches," urged President Charlotte Knobloch. Not only the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson, but the entire SSPX do not belong in the Catholic Church. Williamson was "only a small cog." The SSPX reject the commitment formulated in the conciliar document "Nostra Aetate" to Christian-Jewish dialogue and wished to return Catholics to the Middle Ages, she criticized. Knobloch also said that she does not doubt that the Pope opposes anti-Semitism. It must be supposed that he had not been informed about the utterances of Williamson, she said.
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