Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Pope did not know about the Williamson interview

Cathcon translation of the relevant paragraph of
Benedikt XVI. will vier exkommunizierte Bischöfe zurück in die Kirche holen, unter ihnen ist ein Rechtsextremer - Heikler Gnadenakt des Papstes - Nachrichten - Benedict XVI will bring four excommunicated bishops back into the Church, one of whom is a right wing extremist. Delicate act of forgiveness by the Pope.

Since the statements of Williamson became common knowledge said Fr Eberhard von Gemmingen, director of the German section of Radio Vatican, the step should not be interpreted as a change of the Pope to the right. Benedict had certainly signed the officially not yet confirmed decree without knowledge of Williamson's statements. "I understand it much more as a step of the Pope to build bridges and to create peace.

And from an article in the Bavarian press.
Fr Peter Frey, the regens of the seminary has refused to confirm whether the interview took place on his property. He has however confirmed that there was a Swedish TV crew present at the deaconing.

This is not surprising given the police investigation.
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