Official Latin Mass groups respond to lifting of excommunications

Cathcon translation of Ein mutiger Entschluss - a Brave Decision.

The Editor spoke with Professor Georg May, canon lawyer, Dr. Gerald Göschen, Superior of the Institute of St. Philip Neri, and Father Engelbert Recktenwald FSSP, a former member of the Society of St. Pius X and co-founder of the Fraternity of St. Peter, a priest, about their expectations for the further integration process between the Society of St. Pius X. and the Vatican.

Professor May said at the beginning of the interview that the retraction of the excommunication was a step of great importance: "There is a very courageous and far-sighted decision of the Holy. Father. This decision will guarantee him a lot of complaints". He added: "I'm obviously pleased when people who have internally or externally distanced themselves from the Church again find a way to the Church. I can only hope that the magnanimity of the Holy Father will also be rewarded." May underlined in this context that he now sees the requirement to act on the part of the priests of the Society: "One must hope that the bishops come forward to the Holy Father and give up some rigidities of the past, so as to participate with the Holy Father in the renewal of the world and the richly blessed work of the Church"

Even Fr Engelbert Recktenwald FSSP is convinced that the Society of St Pius X will now be reconciled to the Vatican: "I think the Pope has done the utmost that he could do to help them to come forward. From his side, everything is done. But you need to reconcile the two. Now the Society is also on the move" said Fr Recktenwald to kathnews. Father Recktenwald refers particularly to the recent decree of the Congregation of Bishops: "I hope that this step of the Pope really is the beginning of a reconciliation. As the decree of today's Saturday notes, the separation between the Society and the Church still remains. It is now up to the priests of the Society of St. Pius X, how they receive it and how they respond to the outstretched hand of the Holy Father.

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