Most scandalous picture ever of a Catholic Mass

countesy of Delerious KEY2LIFE (picture further down)

More Catholic youth work in Austria. Surprised that they don't have a rock band called "Apostasy" - that's certainly the long-term effect of their efforts.

This is the cover of the official Austrian Catholic Youth magazine.

"In love, married, divorced?" is hardly a headline which teaches the virtue of fidelity.

Reading the whole magazine, a deep ambivalence can be found depending on whether you take heros (such as Superman) and Hollywood stars as role models or as an example to avoid.

and within they conflate the reality of Jesus with the modern myth of Superman. "What has Superman learnt from Jesus?" Nothing. Superman does not exist, but God does and is not mocked.Their latest Superman poster here.

This is the latest KEY2LIFE Mass.

As sponsored by Raifaissen Bank (the logo on the tents)

Where many are dressed as if they are members of a strange protestant sect.

The reading of the Epistle, which commands the immediate attention of the priests present.

The most scandalous picture ever taken at any Mass, anywhere in the world.

Last year. Flower power.

And look who's came to visit. Its the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna. The Logo behind, refering to the tram. "Now there is some nostalgia in the journey."

who actively supports these initiatives.

The Bronx Brothers. Maybe they are Franciscans.
But if so, it is not their job to produce HELL ON EARTH.

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for Viennese Masses but also

the Wizard of Oz Mass in America and the Ping Pong Mass for real competition in seeing who can squeeze the most liturgical abuse into one Mass.


A.B. said…
Truly horrifying to behold. How come these liturgical anarchists are not reprimanded? Does the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna do anything? Imagine the reaction had St. Padre Pio witnessed these events or for that matter had any saint.
Father said…
Obviously a plethora of problems with this outdoor Mass, but did you notice a metal chalice was used? Just an observation!
CDNowak said…
In defense of the CFR's (the Bronx Brothers) that is not a Mass, but appears to be a concert. With no other refernce than the picture I would assume they were doing a song on the Passion, not hell with the lighting in the second. Also this appears to be an outside stage, so no conflict with it taking place in front of the Tabernacle.

Granted the Mass above is horrible, but I don't see the CFR's there.
Unknown said…
The colorful "habits" are, indeed, strange and in horrible bad taste, but, hardly can be likened to a protestant sect. I think the "scandalous" photo is pretty bad, but, what if, given the barrier behind the three prone persons, they are actually not participating in the mass, but, merely outside of the barricade? They are, after all, outdoors in an open field. The same with the photographs of the Capuchin Friars of the Renewal, founded by Frs. Groeschel and Apostoli, who are not liberals by any stretch of the imagination. These friars, as suggested previously, were likely promoting the Passion, in concert. The trouble with photos, like the comments we frequently hear in the liberal media, is they can easily be displayed out of context, sending the opposite message of their original intention.
I think the most truly scandalous is the "Catholic" magazine. It looks a lot like the secular magazines I used to take away from my daughter when she was in high school.
Cathcon comments. Can't imagine St Francis approving of this way of preaching the Cross of Christ. The general rule of the Church throughout the ages has been to avoid all possibility of scandal, not just scandal itself. Sadly, not here.