Thursday, September 28, 2006

Catholic Youth poster from Austria

Full marks for confusing myth and reality. Zero marks for communicating the Catholic Faith.

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Bruce In Iloilo said...

Like your blog. I will have to visit it more often, especially now that I will be living in Innsbruck for 6 months.

Let me indulge my hobby in the English language, my native language though some my question if Bostonians really speak English. I wouldn't describe Superman as a myth. Fable, maybe; fiction, definitely, but the word myth implies some connection with the truth. Perhaps people believed it - Norse myths - or it was based on truth or a true person - Washington cutting down the cherry tree.

In a range from false to true I would rank the following phrases:

Fiction or fable; myth; legend; rumor; hearsay;...Gospel truth

Superman is fully fictional.

And I agree with your post. It would have been better to us an immediately understood image of Jesus.

But even that would have its problems. Jesus did not come to fight for true, justice and the American Way. He did not come to defeat all the bad guys and then ride off into the sunset. He came to have a relationship with us. To be our friend. To change us; not defeat us.

Jesus does not want us to do good and vanquish evil. Jesus wants us to choose him. To hang with him, now and forever. If we do that, we will be better and sin less.

It is the devil that tricks and tempts us with power. (Remember his offers to JC.) It is the devil that promises us the superpowers to defeat our enemy.

JC does not promise superpowers. In fact, he promises the opposite. He promises misery and lonliness. He tells us that we must leave our families and sell all our riches. He promises that we will be punished and persecuted.

He does not promise us superpowers. He promises us a cross. To carry and to experience. But he promises that we will be by our side.

Not only is the poster non-Catholic it is in fact anti-Catholic. It does not teach the faith. It teaches AGAINST the faith.