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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter to all Cathcon readers

Have spent the last week in Paris. Will be posting a photographic report of the whole week shortly (Armenians, Greeks, Poles, Melkites and Latins (ancient and modernist) and circumstances permitting will be blogging much more in the next few months, especially in the run-up to Family Synod, which will be a key event in the history of the church- radical reform which will destroy wholesale faith and practice or post-conciliar stasis of decline. There is another way which requires the urgent return to tradition. Easter joy from the East

and from the West


In honour of Our Lady, who was considered on Friday as the shamed mother of an executed criminal.

How modernists celebrate Easter

Sunday, March 23, 2014

From the guys who brought you the Shrine to Judas- their Last Supper

See the original shrine to Judas.

The religion of a liberal elite is almost gnostic as you have to be initiated into the secret before you realise this is the Last Supper.   It converts no-one but gives its adepts good feelings.