"Let us make an effort this month to live and spread the Rosary"

Mons. Demetrio Fernández: "Let us make an effort this month to live and spread the Rosary"

The Month of October begins and with it the month dedicated to praying the Rosary, a prayer that the Virgin has asked us to pray insistently in numerous apparitions.

We share with you the weekly letter from the Bishop of Córdoba, Monsignor Demetrio Fernández about the Month of the rosary:

This month begins with the Feast of Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus, doctor of the Church and patron saint of the Missions. This year 2023 is a jubilee year for the 150th anniversary of her birth (January 2, 1873) and for the 100th anniversary of her beatification (April 29, 1923), with the motto “For trust and love.” It is worth knowing and making known this saint, so delicate, so feminine, so pure, who in the few years of her life has given a resounding testimony of holiness, dedication, love for the Lord and great desires that all know him, love him and be saved. She is wonderful.

In 1927 she was proclaimed universal patron saint of the Missions, along with Saint Francis Xavier. Pope Pius and on the other, the apostolic and missionary life, which brings the preaching of the Gospel to all people, to the ends of the earth. October thus becomes the missionary month of the year, although this task is a permanent task of the Church. Prayer and activity are the pillars of the Christian missionary so that the Gospel reaches everyone.

This year, the World Day of Missions campaign has as its motto “Fervent hearts, feet on the way”, evoking the disciples of Emmaus, whose hearts were warmed when Jesus became a traveling companion in their lives, they listened to the explanation of the Scriptures and They discovered it in the breaking of bread, in the Eucharist. With that burning heart, they set out running to announce Jesus to his brothers returning to Jerusalem. Whoever meets Jesus cannot stay still, but sets out to make him known to others. The Gospel has always been transmitted by contagion, by testimony. The month of October is a missionary month from the first day, and has its climax in the celebration of the World Day of Missions, this year on Sunday, October 22.

The Month of October is also the Month of the Rosary. It is the prayer of the simple and the poor. It is the prayer of those who do not know how to pray and adopt this form as a contemplative path of the life of Jesus from the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is like the prayer of Jesus so common in the East, contemplative, repetitive, which elevates the soul to union with God in harmony with the hearts of Jesus and Mary. Let us make an effort this month to live and spread the Rosary.

Children can pray it, because it is very easy to learn. And they can introduce continuous prayer into their lives, which explores the mysteries of the life of Jesus accompanied by Mary, her mother, who teaches us as a good mother to enter into contemplation. Young people can pray it, who find in this prayer a haven of peace, joy, an encounter with Christ and a filial relationship with our Mother. The recent WYD in Lisbon has been a precious occasion to spread this prayer. All the young people were given a rosary, and all the young people have prayed it and have continued to pray it. A young man learns to consecrate his life to Mary, and through Mary to Jesus, with the usual prayer of the Rosary. Families can pray it, because a family that prays together stays together. It is a warm and homely moment around Jesus and Mary, who with Saint Joseph form the Holy Family of Nazareth. It is prayed, perhaps more than anyone else, by older people, who go through the serene years of old age, recounting the beads of the Rosary.

With the Holy Rosary let us pray for the peace of the world, let us pray for the needs of the Church in these days of the Universal Synod, let us pray for the intentions of the Pope, let us pray for our personal and family needs. The Rosary sustains and nourishes in us an attitude of permanent prayer, which drives away many dangers and brings abundant graces from God to our hearts.

Receive my affection and my blessing:


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