Catholic devotions for the 17th October

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Feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

The Reading from the Martyrology

This Day, the Seventeenth Day of October

P2V:  At Paray-le-Monial, in the diocese of Autun, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, virgin, a professed nun in The Order of the Visitation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary who won renown for her great merits in spreading the devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and in furthering its public veneration. Pope Benedict XV canonized her and added her to the list of Holy Virgins.

The Feast of St. Hedwiges, widow, duchess of Poland, who went to her rest in the Lord on the 15th of this month.

At Antioch, the birthday of St. Heron, disciple of blessed Ignatius. Being made bishop after him, he religiously followed his master's footsteps, and, as a true lover of Christ, died for the flock entrusted to his keeping.

The same day, the martyrdom of the Saints Victor, Alexander, and Marian.

In Persia, St. Mamelta, martyr, who, being converted from idolatry to the faith by an angel, was stoned by the Gentiles and cast into a deep lake.

At Constantinople, during the reign of Constantine Copronymus, St. Andrew of Crete, a monk, who was often scourged for the worship of holy images, and finally, after having one of his feet cut off, breathed his last.

At Orange, in France, St. Florentinus, bishop, who died leaving a reputation for many virtues.

At Capua, St. Victor, a bishop, distinguished for erudition and sanctity.

P2V:  On the same day, the suffering of SS. Victor, Alexander, and Marianus.

P2V:  In Persia, St. Mameltas, martyr. By the warning of an angel, he was converted to the faith from the worship of idols. He was stoned by the pagans and drowned in a deep lake.  Approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites in 1961 and prior to the purging of Saints by Pope Paul VI following Vatican II

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

Omnes sancti Mártyres, oráte pro nobis. ("All ye Holy Martyrs, pray for us", from the Litaniae Sanctorum, the Litany of the Saints)

Response: Thanks be to God.

(The Notation P2V preceding a name indicates that the Saint or Martyr was added after 1900 and prior to 1962 and the scandalous purging of Saints by Pope Paul VI following the Second Vatican Council)

Devotion to the Rosary for 17th October

''How is it that you sought Me? Did you not know, that I must be about the things that are My Father's?" Luke 2/49.


Mary's keeping of ''all these words in her heart" had not been in vain. Her years of meditation and daily experience with her Divine Son had taught her that the great purpose of His earthly sojourn was to make atonement to His heavenly Father for the sins of mankind ; and in that atonement she was to be Co-Redemptrix. Pain and suffering and rejection and death wxre to be the portion of Jesus ; and Mary's, the immolation of her heart, and the ''sword of grief" foretold by the aged Simeon, was to be driven to the very hilt into her spotless soul. With the death of St. Joseph and the desolate void in her heart created by the loss of his kindly companionship the realization sank deeper and deeper into her mind that soon she was to be deprived also of that other more intimate companionship, that, namely, of Jesus, who has now in reality to give himself up entirely to "the things of His Father." He was to be the victim ; she, the constant, sympathetic, super-suffering witness of His trials and death.


"By the cross her station keeping
Stood the mournful mother weeping
Close to Jesus to the last.
Through her heart, His sorrow sharing
All His bitter anguish bearing
Now at length the sword has passed.
O that blessed one, grief laden
Blessed mother, blessed maiden,
Mother of the All-blest One.
How she stood in desolation
Upward gazing on the passion
Of that deathless, dying Son."

Tuesday is the Day dedicated to the Holy Angels

The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary are prayed on Tuesday

"I would like to remind you that the Rosary is a biblical prayer, all filled with the Holy Scriptures." It is a prayer from the heart, in which the repetition of the Ave Maria directs the thought and affection towards Christ, and thus is made a confident prayer to Him and our Mother. It is a prayer that helps to meditate on the Word of God and assimilate the Eucharistic Communion, on the model of Mary who kept in her heart everything Jesus did and said and even His Presence. "
Benedict XVI

The Rosary in Latin

The Rosary in English - using video from the Holy Land

Chaplet of the Five Holy Wounds of Christ in Latin 

Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady in English

The Reading of the Rule of Saint Benedict for October 17
12 Plane agenda matutina vel vespertina non transeat aliquando nisi in ultimo per ordinem oratio dominica, omnibus audientibus, dicatur a priore, propter scandalorum spinas quae oriri solent, 
13 ut conventi per ipsius orationis sponsionem qua dicunt: Dimitte nobis sicut et nos dimittimus, purgent se ab huiusmodi vitio. 
14 Ceteris vero agendis, ultima pars eius orationis dicatur, ut ab omnibus respondeatur: Sed libera nos a malo.

12 Most certainly the celebration of Lauds and Vespers should never pass by without the Lord’s Prayer said aloud at the end by the Superior for all to hear, because of the thorns of scandal which are likely to spring up: 
13 so that the brothers, by means of the promise they make in that prayer which says Forgive us as we forgive (Matt 6:12), may purge themselves of this sort of vice.  
14 But at the other offices, only the last part of this prayer is sung aloud, so that the response may be offered by all: But deliver us from evil (Matt 6:13).

Today's Celebration of the Mass

Jesus XPI Passio sit semper in cordibus nostris
May the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts


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