Archbishop Gänswein silenced in Madrid by the dictatorial regime that the Church has become under Francis

They suspend the talk that Gänswein was going to give in Madrid

The former personal secretary of Benedict XVI has been banned as a result of the pressure that the Spanish University Foundation has received.

This coming Wednesday, an event organized by the FUE was to be held to commemorate the fact that thirty years ago Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger presented the New Catechism of the Catholic Church at the headquarters of said Foundation. For this reason, the conference he gave that day has been republished. The book includes, along with photographs of the event, an introductory text from our president and a list of the courses and publications of the Foundation about him who was Pope and great Catholic theologian.

The Spanish University Foundation has reported that the event is suspended "for organizational reasons." In this event, in addition to Monsignor Gänswein, the Nuncio to Spain, Monsignor Bernardito Auza, and the Cardinal Archbishop Emeritus of Madrid, Rouco Varela, were going to participate.

Controversy cheered by the media

From the first minute in which the presence of the German archbishop in Madrid was announced, different media attacked this act as a kind of anti-Francis 'conclave' in Madrid.

When the presence of Ratzinger's former personal secretary in Madrid was announced, some media reported that Archbishop Cobo had no knowledge of this act. An extreme that Religion Confidencial has denied. Cobo knew about the organization of this event but refused to participate.

Although Cardinal Cobo refused to attend the event, the truth is that Don Georg's presence in Madrid does not particularly excite him, and even less so if the person behind all this is Cardinal Rouco. Cobo gave the excuse for not attending that he had a tight schedule and had already scheduled to attend the inauguration of a parish.

However, Religión Confidencial published that Archbishop Cobo “is perplexed” that two bishops (Rouco and the Nuncio) participated in this event with the presence of German Archbishop Georg Gänswein.

The perplexity of Cardinal Cobo, supported by his media satellites, has had an effect and has managed to shut Gänswein's mouth. The pressure that the Foundation has received has been bidirectional, as this media has learned. On the one hand, the campaign of these days organized by ecclesial progressivism, and on the other hand, pressure has also come from Rome via the nunciature to paralyze and suspend this act. For their part, the Foundation has categorically denied to InfoVaticana that they have received any pressure to call off the event and defend that "it was our organizational reasons that forced us." As InfoVaticana has learned, not even the canceled archbishop knows the reasons for the suspension of this event.

Monsignor Gänswein, who is currently in Freiburg ignored and without any pastoral assignment, will not finally intervene in Madrid after being vetoed. It seems that if someone does not propagate heresies or rancid Protestant proclamations he is not worthy of speaking. Are we on the way to ending freedom of expression also within the Church as a Bolivarian republic?