Mute shepherds who keep silent out of comfort or fear of reprisals

The Church is going through times of anxiety and darkness, but those of us who have put our trust in God know that after the storm there will be a calm and the dawn will come again.

In the meantime, it is up to us to be alert and vigilant in the midst of this long night that at times seems to have no end. We know that the Church is in God's hands and He will never abandon her, despite the fact that we men are determined to crush her from within, giving an evil message to the rest of humanity.

Nevertheless, the responsibility for the future of the Church rests equally with the laity and the priests and bishops who are at the service of the faithful to administer the sacraments, to speak of God and to lead souls to Heaven.

That is why those in the ecclesiastical hierarchy who have some kind of responsibility (bishops or cardinals) have an even greater responsibility to be guarantors of Christ's message. There are many cardinals, bishops and priests who do their divine work. But only a courageous few dare to speak out to defend those truths that are today in question. We are facing a situation in which it is no longer enough just to comply and do things well, but it is also necessary to come to the fore to defend those issues that some people from within are trying to modify as they please.

With these lines we intend to shake and stir the conscience of those good but mute shepherds who keep silent out of comfort or fear of reprisals. It is time to raise our voices - now that the Synod of Synodality is approaching - to defend that it is not the doctrine of Jesus that must be adapted to the times, but that it is the times that must open up to the light of the Saviour.

We are at a time when those who want to remain steadfast in the faith are scorned and apostates and heretics are praised, scandalising simple souls who are confused and disturbed by so much scandal. It is the pastors who must resist these new modernists, - progressives they call themselves - when in fact they are retrograde, because they try to resurrect the heresies of former times.

These modernists seek to 'protestanticise' the Catholic Church from within and have the backing of high hierarchs who have exchanged the Gospel for ideology. Their tactic is to trace for souls a very wide path in which all evils, and therefore pride, which is their root, can fit, as if they were good things.

The good shepherds must know that to save souls is to teach them the doctrine of Jesus Christ, the doctrine of always, and not to flatter their theoretical and practical errors and to gain sympathy by affirming that everything they think and say and do is holy and good. Where does this evil come from? Many who read us will share that the evil, in general, comes from those ecclesiastical milieus that constitute themselves as a fortress of worldly clerics. And here comes the perfect cocktail of so much derangement: individuals who have lost, with faith, hope; priests who barely pray; theologians - so they call themselves - but contradict even the most elementary truths of revelation; professors of religion who talk about anything but Jesus and mute pastors who together with the agitators of sacristies and convents pretend to lead the change of rudder of the barque of Peter.

One of the great dangers facing the Synod is to buy into the theories of some organisations and movements whose harmful ideas spread among the people and are then imposed on ecclesiastical authority as if they were grassroots movements of opinion.

It is in the midst of these circumstances that we expect that step forward from our pastors so that together with the laity and religious committed to the unchangeable truth they will raise their voices in defence of the truth and sure doctrine. Do not forget that there is also the sin of omission, no matter how much some would like to eliminate the conscience of sin from our society.