Catholic devotions for the 7th September

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Feast of Saint John of Lodi

John was born in Lodi in an unspecified year between 1020 and 1040.

We know nothing about his family or his youth, but given the culture he had the opportunity to acquire, he certainly had the opportunity to pursue high studies and it is therefore probable that he belonged to a wealthy social class.

When Saint Peter Damian was invited by the pope to Milan for political reasons, Giovanni got to know him and decided to follow him.

Shortly afterwards he took his vows at Fonte Avellana.

Here he lived not only on meditation and prayer, but also on study and manual labour, becoming a very good amanuensis.

Giovanni became so skilled in this activity that Saint Peter Damian himself wanted him at his side as his private secretary to read and correct his letters.

The great generosity of St John of Lodi
During his life and in the official roles he held, John always distinguished himself for his altruism and generosity.

When he became abbot of Fonte Avellana, when a famine broke out, he dedicated himself completely to helping the poor and those most affected by the event.

The Reading from the Martyrology

September is the Month of Our Lady of Sorrows

Each medal (or Our Father bead) depicts one of the Seven Sorrows of The Blessed Virgin Mary. It was instituted in the 13th century in honor of the Seven Sorrows our Lady endured with her Divine Son. It is prayed upon a Chaplet made up of 52 beads, 7 sections of 7 beads are divided from the rest by medals, representing the seven principal sorrows of her life. The Hail Mary is said on the beads and an Our Father on each of the medals.

Meditations for each of the 7 groups:
1) The Prophesy of Simeon over the Tender Infant Jesus (Our Father, 7 Hail Marys)
2) The Desperate Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt (Our Father, 7 Hail Marys)
3) The Loss of the Child Jesus for Three Days (Our Father, 7 Hail Marys)
4) The Sorrowful Meeting of Jesus & Mary Along the Way of The Cross (Our Father, 7 Hail Marys)
5) Mary Watches Her Divine Son Suffer and Die upon the Cross (Our Father, 7 Hail Marys)
6) Jesus is Struck by the Lance, Taken Down from the Cross and Placed in His Poor Mother's Arms (Our Father, 7 Hail Marys)
7) Mary Watches as the Body of Her Divine Son is Buried in a Tomb (Our Father, 7 Hail Marys)
(End the Chaplet with 3 Hail Marys in honor of Our Lady's Tears. )

INDULGENCES - Pope Benedict XIII, September 26th, 1724, granted an indulgence of 200 days for every Our Father and every Hail Mary. to those who, with sincere contrition, and having confessed, or firmly purposing to confess their sins, shall recite this Chaplet on any Friday, or on any day of Lent, on the Festival of the Seven Dolours, or within the Octave; and 100 days on any other day of the year. Pope Clement XII, December 12, 1734, confirmed these indulgences, and moreover granted:
1) A Plenary Indulgence to those who shall have recited this Chaplet for a month every day ~ confession, Communion and Prayers for the Church, required as usual.
2) An indulgence of 100 years to all who should recite it on any day, having confessed their sins, with sincere sorrow, or at least firmly purposing to do so.
3) 150 years to those who should recite it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Holidays of Obligation, with Confession and Communion.
4) A Plenary indulgence once a year, on any day, to those who are accustomed to recite it four times a week, on condition of Confession, Communion, and the Recital of the Chaplet on the day of Communion.
5) 200 years indulgence to all who recite it devoutly after Confession; and to all who carry it about them, and frequently recite it, 10 years' indulgence every time they shall hear Mass, hear a sermon, or reciting Our Father, and seven Hail Marys shall perform any spiritual or corporal work of mercy, in honor of our Blessed Savior, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or any Saint, their advocate.

(All these indulgences were confirmed by a decree of January 17th, 1747, and rendered applicable to the souls in Purgatory.)

Thursday is the Day dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament

Adoremus in aeternum Sanctissimum Sacramentum. Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes Laudate Eum Omnes Populi Quoniam confirmata est super nos misericordia eius Et veritas Domini manet in aeternum. Gloria Patri Et Filio et Spiritui Sancto Sicut erat in Principio et Nunc et Semper et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
Adoremus in aeternum Sanctissimum Sacramentum.

We will adore for eternity the most holy Sacrament.
Praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise Him all ye peoples.
Because his mercy is confirmed upon us:
and the truth of the Lord remains forever.
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost:
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
We will adore for eternity the most holy Sacrament.
Praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise Him all ye peoples.

The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary are prayed on Thursday

The Rosary in Latin 

Chaplet of the Five Holy Wounds of Christ in Latin 

Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady in English

The Reading of the Rule of Saint Benedict for September 7
45 Constituenda est ergo nobis dominici schola servitii.  
46 In qua institutione nihil asperum nihil grave nos constituturos speramus; 
47 sed et si quid paululum restrictius, dictante aequitatis ratione, propter emendationem vitiorum vel conservationem caritatis processerit, 
48 non ilico pavore perterritus refugias viam salutis quae non est nisi angusto initio incipienda.
49 Processu vero conversationis et fidei, dilatato corde inenarrabili dilectionis dulcedine curritur via mandatorum Dei,
50 ut ab ipsius numquam magisterio discedentes, in eius doctrinam usque ad mortem in monasterio perseverantes, passionibus Christi per patientiam participemur, ut et regno eius mereamur esse consortes.  Amen.

The Prologue
45 We have therefore, to establish a school of the Lord’s service. 
46 In instituting it we hope to establish nothing harsh or oppressive.  
47 But if anything is somewhat strictly laid down, according to the dictates of equity and for the amendment of vices or for the preservation of love; 
48 do not therefore flee in dismay from the way of salvation, which cannot be other than narrow at the beginning. (cf. Mat. 7:14)
49 Truly as we advance in this way of life and faith, our hearts open wide, and we run with unspeakable sweetness of love on the path of God’s commandments (Ps 119:32)
50 So that, never departing from his guidance, but persevering in his teaching (Acts 2:42) in the monastery until death, (Phil. 2:8) we may by patience participate in the passion of Christ; that we may deserve also to be partakers of his kingdom.  Amen. (cf. 1Pet 4:13; Rom. 8:17)

Today's Celebration of the Mass

May the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts


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