Collective noun for stealth priestesses is "a solidarity"

Junia Initiative stands in solidarity with Monika Schmid: "The reprimand is upsetting".

Iva Boutellier, Monika Hungerbühler and Charlotte Küng-Bless of the Junia Initiative steering group stand behind Monika Schmid and the other pastors who were recently reprimanded by Bishop Joseph Bonnemain - for "disregarding important liturgical regulations". They "deeply regret that with this reprimand, committed parishioners are angered and unsettled."

Monika Hungerbühler centre

"We stand in solidarity with Monika Schmid, Marion Grabenweger, Stefan Arnold, Felix Hunger and Josef Regli, who received a formal reprimand from Bishop Joseph Bonnemain on 15 August 2023 for 'disregarding important liturgical regulations at Monika Schmid's farewell service on 28 August 2022'," reads a statement from the Junia Initiative.

"Great psychological burden"

"Their pastoral skills, their responsibility for the people entrusted to them convince and touch us. For more than a year they lived in a state of great personal insecurity and great psychological stress. The fact that they have been warned for their actions and have now received a reprimand is upsetting," they continue to 

This shows that important reforms are pending in the Roman Catholic Church, for example the ordination of proven pastors.

"Parishioners angry"

"We deeply regret that with this reference, committed parishioners are angered and unsettled. At the same time, we note with satisfaction that Bishop Joseph Bonnemain has expressed his confidence in the pastoral workers involved and thanked them for their committed pastoral work for the good of the people."


Inventing a new religion


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I'd call them a fraternity.